Special Instructions for Chapel Probation Remediation over Summer 2021 – Asbury University
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As was stated in a January 13 Student Life email message to the student body, traditional undergraduate students who earn too few Spiritual Life (SL) credits to satisfy their obligation for the Spring-2021 semester will, depending upon the size of the deficit, either be suspended or placed in a probationary status for fall, 2021 (which precludes participation in university athletics, and renders the student ineligible to hold any leadership positions). For the Spring-2021 semester, except in some special cases, students were required to earn a total of 25 SL Credits through participation in any combination of chapel services and/or spiritual formation events. This participation is reported to the Office of the Registrar as either “P” (passing) or “N” (not-passing) on the following basis:

  • Students who finished the semester with 25 or more credits passed for the semester.
  • Most students who finished with 20-24 credits did not pass, but may avoid being placed on probation by making up their shortfall through participation in pre-approved community service work (this is explained in greater detail below).
  • Students who earned 10-19 SL credits must complete a number hours of community service equal to the number of SL Credits they lack (i.e., students who earned only 15 SL Credits will need to complete 10 hours of community service). This will not remove their probation status, but it will allow them to return to resume their studies in the Fall-2021 semester.
  • Students who earned fewer than 10 Spiritual Life credits are subject to a one-semester academic suspension.

Due to scheduling conflicts and/or ‘remote instruction’ status, some students were required to earn only 5 or 20 Spiritual Life credits (respectively). Their Spiritual Life credit counts and subsequent grades were assessed on a proportionally similar scale, with a similar avenue for remediation.

Regarding make-up community service hours, please note the following:

  • Students are solely responsible for identifying and engaging with any service organizations through which they hope to complete their service hours.
  • Information on those community service opportunities must be presented to the Office of Spiritual for pre-approval, prior to the commencement of service work. This information must be submitted electronically via the Community Service email account (communityservice@asbury.edu), using a completed Community Service Application & Report form.
  • Work should not begin until the student receives approval from the Office of Spiritual Life.
  • Parents and family members may not serve as signatory site/project supervisors for administrative purposes, unless the parent or family member is formally an officer of that service organization. Examples of exceptions would include family members who pastor a church, operate a formal food bank, oversee a charitable trust, manage a nursing home, etc.
  • Community service must be of a volunteer nature. Paid work will not qualify for credit.
  • Types of community service which would qualify for Spiritual Life Credits may include church- or parachurch-sponsored mission trips, volunteering in a retirement center, hospital, or homeless shelter, working with a community based youth organization, or serving in a variety of church-based roles (working with teens, teaching Sunday school, leading worship, cleaning the facilities, etc.). However, this list is not exhaustive, and students are welcome to explore other options
  • Informal service activities (such as volunteer baby-sitting, lawn-mowing, neighborhood trash clean-up, etc.) might not count for credit as they are generally difficult or impossible to properly document.
  • All qualifying community service work must be completed, with the final report submitted to the Office of Spiritual Life (again, via communityservice@asbury.edu) no later than Sunday, August 1, 2021. This is necessary in order to allow the work to be certified and any appropriate grade-change requests submitted to the Office of the Registrar for processing prior to the start of fall classes on August 16.

Please direct any remaining questions you may have about applying for, and/or completing, any community service hours you may need, to the Community Service email group.

Any further questions about the Spiritual Life Program or specific chapel/event plans for Fall, 2021, may be addressed directly to the Office of Spiritual Life, spiritual.life@asbury.edu.