Class Excuses – Asbury University
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Asbury University Health Services may issue a medical excuse for class/chapel only if a student:

  1. has been assessed by a medical professional at the Health Services Clinic


  1. is diagnosed by the medical professional to have a serious, contagious, or extended illness/injury that requires isolation and/or rest for recovery. (For Example: Temp >100.5°F , active vomiting, communicable diseases such as influenza/mono/strep)

No excuses can be given retroactively.

Students are responsible to communicate directly with professors/chapel office about health-related absences.  Allowances are made for medical illness absences in both academic classes and chapel therefore students should be mindful of saving absences for such occurrences.

For detailed information concerning class & chapel attendance requirements, see the Asbury Bulletin, pages 41-43.