Student Accounts – Asbury University
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SPRING 2021 Important Dates

Dec 1, 2020 CASHNet 5-month payment plan enrollment available
Dec 31, 2020 Last day to set up 5-month payment plan
Jan 1, 2021 CASHNet 4-month payment plan enrollment available
Jan 11, 2021 First day of class – Select a Payment Option!
Jan 31, 2021 Last day to set up 4-month payment plan
Apr 30, 2021 Final semester payments due for all payment plans

Welcome to Student Accounts! Our office provides customer service and counseling assistance for tuition bill payment and student account analysis. We also oversee the online Financial Registration process and electronic billing.

Payment in Full of pending charges is due by the first day of each term, unless the student is enrolled in a payment plan. The Term Billing Summary, available to students on the Asbury Portal, is the best source to determine the current amount due.  For more information, see Billing & Payment.

The Student Accounts Office communicates with students using Asbury email. Messages from our office are often time-sensitive and should be reviewed as soon as possible to determine if action is required.