I.T. Services Computer Purchasing Guide – Asbury University
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Apple Computers (Macintosh)

  • In the “Find Your School” window, search for Asbury University in Kentucky, zip code 40390. You should see “Asbury University” listed and in the options, choose “Browse as Guest.”
  • Select the model that you want to purchase.
  • Configure it the way you want it, and follow Apple’s instructions for ordering online.
  • We strongly recommend purchasing the extended warranty (Apple Care), which provides extended warranty coverage for a total of three years. Without the extended warranty, Apple computers will be covered for only one year. Repairs that are required out of warranty can be very expensive.
  • Please note that the special pricing given to Asbury University is for students and employees of the University. Following these instructions should automatically give you the educational (discounted) pricing.

Dell desktop and laptop computers

  • Visit the following link to launch Dell’s purchasing website in a new window: http://www.dell.com/asbury (please wait a moment while this link redirects to Dell’s Asbury University page)
  • Select the laptop or desktop you would like to purchase.
  • The instructions on the Dell personal purchase page will lead you through the process of ordering your computer.


Please call the Information Technology Services at (859) 858-3511, x2177 if you have any questions about purchasing a computer through these vendors.