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Microsoft Security Essentials

Before you install this software, it is important that you uninstall any other antivirus software you have on your computer.

Failure to do so could cause your computer to crash!

(Common antivirus programs include Norton, McAfee, Kaspersky, etc.)

Click the link below to go to the Microsoft Security Essentials download page.

Step 1: Click “Download now.”





Step 2: In the box that pops up, choose “Save File.”




Step 3: Open the file when it downloads. Then click “Run.”






Step 4: Click “Next.”






Step 5: Click “I Accept” to accept the License Terms.






Step 6: Decide whether you want to join the Customer Experience Improvement Program. Then click “Next.”





Step 7: Check the box that says “If no firewall is turned on, turn on Windows Firewall.” Then click “Next.”





Step 8: If you need help uninstalling other antivirus programs you may have on your computer, click the link that says “How do I uninstall other antivirus and spyware?” Otherwise, click Install.

Step 9: It is recommended that you check the box to scan your computer after updating. Then click “Finish.”





If you experience any problems with this installation or with receiving updates for Microsoft Security Essentials please contact the Asbury University Help Desk.