Want to buy a new computer?

As a student or employee of Asbury University, you can receive discounts from Dell and Apple. Purchasing instructions are available here.

Want to use your own computer?

Several general-purpose computer labs are available to students, though most elect to have their own computer. If you do bring your own computer, the following guidelines should be kept in mind:

  • While wireless access is provided across campus, the fastest possible connection is through the campus wired network.
  • If your computer doesn’t have an Ethernet port built-in, you may want to purchase and install an Ethernet card, or obtain a USB to Ethernet Cable for your computer.
  • Short Ethernet cables (less than 10 ft) are provided by Help Desk free of charge. Longer lengths of CAT 5 networking cable are available at local retailers.
  • Information Technology Services will provide instructions for configuring your computer for the campus network.
  • If needed, Information Technology Services can assist with basic software installation and configuration, including installation of Microsoft Office. The service is provided through the Help Desk located on the first floor of Kinlaw Library.
  • Basic software support is available for commonly used applications by visiting the Help Desk
  • Basic virus & malware removal is available in person at the Help Desk.

Notes about using your own computer on campus:

  • You are not required to have your own computer. Computer labs are available on campus with all necessary software and printers.
  • Asbury University provides a highly discounted copy of Microsoft Office installation CD from the University Bookstore for $15. Students must present a valid ID in order to purchase the software in person. Online Students may obtain a copy by contacting the Bookstore by phone and sending a check. Microsoft Office is available for both Mac & PC
  • Asbury University supports limited voice and video communication over the Internet. Not all video cameras (webcams) and internet phone software will function properly through the campus Internet connection. Assistance with Skype, Adobe Connect, and other web conferencing software is available through Help Desk. Foreign software programs and telephone devices are not recommended or supported by Help Desk.
  • Laptops are recommended because of their portability. Students wishing to use tablet computers should consult Help Desk & their faculty advisor about whether or not a tablet computer (iPad, Nook, Kindle Fire) will fit their needs.

More Information

For more information about computer services, please see our FAQ

Please feel free to call Information Technology Services Help Desk at 859-858-3511, ext. 2177 if you have any questions about purchasing a computer through our website.