Identity Standards – Asbury University
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 Asbury University is a thriving institution with outstanding programs. To maintain the vibrancy, diversity and growth of our Christ-centered community, the identity standards site is provided as a resource to help us make exemplary contributions within His Kingdom story.

The Asbury University Brand

This Asbury University Brand section provides information on the Asbury University brand strategy, visual identity and the campus logos.

Graphic Standards Guide

The Graphic Standards Guide will help you use the campus logos and visual identity with ease and precision. Resources for print and digital media are available for download.

The Asbury University Story

Asbury University is a unique university with a rich history. These stories and messages help explain our story and serve as a resource to our constituents.

Writing Style Guide

The Writing Style Guide contains punctuation, terms and the formal names of campus buildings and organizations.

Stationery & Name Badges

All information on ordering stationary and name badges can be found in the Stationery & Name Badges section on the website or in the Graphics Standard Guide.