Student Zoom Assistant – Asbury University
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A student Zoom assistant (informally, “Zoom Buddy”) is a student in your course section who is willing to help you monitor the class Zoom chat and troubleshoot Zoom issues with other students. Zoom assistants should make sure they also select a backup classmate in the event they are unavailable.

Zoom assistant instructions:

  • Discuss responsibilities with student(s) before class.
  • Designate student as co-host in present Zoom meeting for class dates (on Discovery)
  • Student will assistant in laptop/projector/mic hook-ups
  • Set Zoom to “record to the cloud” at the beginning of the class (via either professor’s laptop or Zoom assistant laptop).
  • Remind students to write their name into chat for attendance purposes.
  • Monitor chat and relay message as pre-arranged with professor.
  • Mute any live mic that is disruptive of class.
  • OPTIONAL:  Assistant can also live stream from external phone app from professor’s phone or student phone as directed.

Helpful resources to share with student Zoom assistants