As you prepare your department to transition from Asbury College to Asbury University, we have prepared a checklist to make the process easier.


Go through your department and find all of the items that say “Asbury College” in text or use the college logo. Every effort should be made to begin using only the Asbury University logo and/or wordmark on ALL materials and forms beginning on March 5, 2010. We realize that there may be rare exceptions based on the audience of the materials and the frequency of use as outlined below.

Once you find all of these items, divide them into these categories:

A. I use this item every day.
B. I use this item every week.
C. I use this item a few times per month.
D. I use this item a few times per year.
E. I no longer use this item.

Of the items you use frequently (daily/weekly), divide them into these categories:

A. This item is for external audiences only. (Off-campus)
B. This item is for internal audiences only. (On-campus)
C. This item is used for both internal and external audiences.

Use up your inventory

Use up as much of your current inventory as possible prior to March 5, 2010. Do not reprint any Asbury College material. Talk to your colleagues in other departments and utilize as much College material as possible.


In an effort to save dollars, natural resources and time, please look at your inventory and decide if several printed forms can be consolidated into one form, moved online or eliminated.

Order Asbury University brochures, booklets, programs (non-stationery items)

Many campus offices will need Asbury University material by March 5, while other offices may not transition until a later date.

Your office needs items by March 5 if you:

  • Use Asbury College items every day or every week.
  • Use Asbury College items for external audiences.

If both of the items above apply to you, submit a project request form to MarCom by Jan. 31, 2010.

If the above did not apply to you and you still need Asbury University material, submit your project request form by February 26, 2010 to ensure your Asbury University materials are available by August 1, 2010.

Order Asbury University stationery items (business cards, envelopes, letterhead and note cards) and name badges

Online ordering for stationery items will be available on Feb. 8. Orders must be placed by Wed., Feb. 18. More information and a link to the URL will be available soon. Name badges should be ordered directly from Recognition Express. Reminder: All material sent off-campus must be Asbury University by March 5, 2010.

Asbury University will provide at no cost*:

  • 100 sheets of “Asbury University” letterhead to each department
  • 100 “Asbury University” #10 envelopes to each department
  • 250 business cards to individuals. Business card ordering is being coordinated and approved by each division’s cabinet officer.

*Departments will be responsible for ordering extra letterhead, extra business cards, extra and other size envelopes, and personalized items.

  • Order additional Letterhead
  • Order additional envelopes
  • Order note cards & other stationery items desired
  • Order name badges needed (

Order Asbury University apparel and promotional items

Before ordering apparel and promotional items, remember the following:

  • Contact the Office of Public Relations to create or approve your design
  • Download a copy of the graphic standards guide
  • Color–only dark purple (PMS 2627), white, light gray, dark gray and black are acceptable colors for promotional items and apparel. Please contact MarCom with questions.
  • Logo–the Asbury University logo has specific guidelines for use. Please refer to the graphic standards guide or contact MarCom for questions.

Asbury University merchandise and apparel can be obtained through the following preferred vendors:

  • Bookstore on March 5 for apparel, promotional items
  • Integrity Premium Advertising for screen printing, embroidery, and promotional items (Hugh Sims, 859-858-8485,
  • 10th Planet for screen printing, embroidery, and promotional items (Cliff Hellyer, 859-236-4488,
  • Jaws Marketing for promotional items (Mark Gaither, 412-716-6746,
  • Hands-on originals for screen printing (
  • Egelston-Maynard for apparel (Becca Haggard, 859-581-6648)

Wait, please wait

Please refrain from wearing or using any of your new Asbury University items until March 5, 2010. And please do not wear “Asbury College” apparel to work after March 5.

Recycle and Reuse (Don’t pitch it!)

If you have Asbury College materials remaining after the transition, please recycle all paper. Cornerstone, with A Rocha, has placed bins in all buildings for that purpose. Also, communicate with your colleagues in other departments to use up as much material as possible.

Departmental websites

On March 5, Asbury University will launch a new website using a new content management system. On January 17, Information Services put into effect web content “freeze” date for our current Asbury College web site for content migration to the new site. Information Services will have the content moved and reviewable by February 19. Watch your email for more updates on training.

Voice Mail & E-mail Signatures

On March 5, please be sure to change your e-mail signatures and voicemail messages to reflect “Asbury University.”