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Instant recognition

The campus logo is not a brand rather it serves as visual shorthand for it. It provides instant recognition for Asbury University. While the Asbury University mark is new, it is very similar to the old Asbury College mark. By maintaining “Asbury” and similar treatments, we are transferring the history, credibility and excellence associated with the Asbury College mark. By constantly using the campus logo, you are adding value to your program or department.


Development, promotion and maintenance must work together to build recognition for Asbury University.


Institutional Advancement has invested a significant amount of time and resources developing and implementing the Asbury University brand. The campus logos are a major part of that brand. These logos build instant recognition so at first glance people know that they are receiving information from Asbury University.


Asbury University sends out multiple forms of communication to very diverse audiences. Consistent use of the campus logo creates a visual identity for the university that transcends our various audiences and messages. This means that all of our efforts within admissions, athletics, Achieve, undergraduate and graduate programs and development are interconnected in the effect they have on our audiences.


Institutional Advancement staff have invested a lot of time developing and maintaining campus marks. While alterations to the logo have often been done with the best intentions, these changes diminish the quality and value of the mark. No part of the campus logo should be used independently or altered for use by a campus unit. This includes using the bell tower separate from the Asbury University wordmark. The bell tower by itself is not recognizable to Asbury University alone and must never be used without the Asbury University word mark. The Asbury University logo must also not be stretched or conformed to fit a space. It must also not be used secondary to a unit mark. For more information on how to use the campus logos, please refer to the Graphic Standards Guide.

Stronger as one

We believe that our logos and messages are stronger together—used as one cohesive unit. Therefore, campus units should use both our visual identity and messages consistently. Building upon the individual strengths of our campus units, we find that Asbury University is more easily recognized when it is portrayed in its oneness as a complete, solid university with excellence and vitality its core.