Campus units frequently partner with each other to form multidisciplinary units or partner with external agencies. This page shows how campus units should indicate these partnerships using logos and text. For help in determining your unit partnership, contact the Office of Marketing and Communication.

Campus unit identification

External Partner

A campus unit partners with one or more external organizations. None of the organizations, including the University, are best served by adopting the logos of the others. The new organization should use its own logo. Example: Asbury Theological Seminary. If no logo exists or if the partners are acknowledged with logos, the Asbury University must appear with the same design weight as its partners. The logos are separated by a buffer zone.

University-led Partnership

A campus unit takes a leading role in an organization that is supported financially by other external organizations and/or partners with external organizations. The campus unit should follow the Identity Standards, refer to itself with text only and use the Asbury University logo.


A campus unit partners with an external organization that will provide funding only if the units co-brand. The Office of Marketing and Communication must approve any co-branded solution before it is used. Co-brand solutions are extremely rare.

Multidisciplinary Partnership

A campus unit partners with one or more campus units to create a multidisciplinary group. The organization should refer to itself with text and use the Asbury University logo. The role of partners is acknowledged in text. Example: School of Communication Arts. The same guidelines apply when two or more campus units sponsor the same event.

Acknowledging Campus Units Using the Campus Logos

The use of a campus logo alone (the Asbury University logo is preferred) when the University partners with external agencies. Campus units should be identified with text elsewhere in the communication materials. While the campus organizational structure, in terms of which units are subunits of other campus units, is important to internal campus staff, research indicates that external audiences generally identify the partner as the University and not individual campus units. Example: Use Asbury University logo, instead of AsburyHD logo for off-campus audiences

In the few instances where it is important to identify an individual campus unit or units where space or other factors make it impractical to use a campus logo alone with the campus units indicated elsewhere in text, such as when multiple partners are identified in an array of logos, the Asbury University logo may be used with campus unit names appearing at least one-third of the height of the logo (more space is preferred) below the Asbury University logo. Read more about the Asbury University logo guidelines in the Graphic Standards Guide.