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The Asbury University Brand architecture was developed by Asbury University staff.

Brand architecture refers to how an organization structures and names the brands within its portfolio.

Core Brand: Asbury University

  • The singular idea you’d like to own in the hearts and minds of your audience
  • The consistent expression of the brand promise
  • Aimed at the most important core audience
  • Must have the same voice, tone, and visual identity


  • Typically are athletics and alumni organizations, for instance, you will see a variety of logos designed specifically for the Asbury Eagles
  • Have their own distinct personalities, but are linked to the core brand and bring something of value to the core brand
  • Core values are the same as the core brand
  • Target audience is the same as the core brand
  • More expensive to build and maintain than the core brand
  • University best served by using core brand

Independent Brands

  • Asbury Eagles
  • Highbridge Film Festival
  • WACW
  • The Collegian
  • C.S. Lewis Center
  • NewsWatch

How are these groups different?

  • Represent a departure from the core brand
  • Product or service different from the core brand
  • Target audience different from the core brand
  • Most expensive to maintain
  • Organization and campus best served by using their own logo
  • Relationship between independent brands and core brand shown
  • Campus enterprises run by students for educational purposes related to how to manage and operate a business, including advertising, marketing, and branding, should use an independent brand. See examples: Highbridge Film Festival, The Collegian, WACW, NewsWatch