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Why an Asbury University Brand is good for campus units, the University and our stakeholders

Branding up means that all campus units must use the Asbury University logo first and foremost before any other unit identifier. Campus units are asked to use the unit level logos that have been developed by the Office of Public Relations (OPR) instead of spending resources and time developing and maintaining unit logos and brands.

How Branding Up Works

To be good stewards of Asbury University funds and the time of our employees, campus units should allow the public relations office to develop and maintain the Asbury University brand, while campus units use their funds to focus on academics, research and student programming.

Best for you

By adhering to Asbury University brand elements, the campus units effectively:

  • Let the University assume marketing, trademark, legal, and other branding expenses so campus units can devote all of their funds to what they do best
  • Don’t expend funds on the resources or expertise needed to effectively manage a brand
  • Replace many logos that few audiences recognize with the campus logo, which has proven audience recognition
  • Reduce workload for staff tasked with maintaining a campus unit brand
  • Make name changes easier for campus units by eliminating expenses (there is no logo to replace and no staff time needed to approve a new one)
  • Allow campus units to more directly benefit from expertise and marketing efforts at the University level

Best for Asbury University

When you adhere to the Asbury University Brand strategy you help:

  • Protect the integrity of our academic and spiritual missions by clearly indicating to audiences that the communications materials are “bona fide” Asbury University’s School of Communication Arts, Asbury University’s ACHIEVE program, etc.
  • Eliminate waste: allowing campus unit logos to be spent on core academic, research, and missions programs
  • Allow the University to leverage every marketing dollar on the core academic and spiritual brand. This is crucial in today’s marketplace of highly segmented media because the cost to reach fragmented audiences is rising significantly and more competitors are branding
  • Promote Asbury University. We’re stronger when we speak as one. When all academic and support units use one, consistent brand instead of hundreds, we strengthen the effectiveness of the University’s marketing efforts
  • We are a university, not a multiversity. John Wesley Hughes insisted that women and men be educated together in a time when co-education was not popular. He recognized that as an institution, we are stronger together than when we are as separate spheres. Using one brand shows how the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, the School of Communication Arts and our ACHIEVE adult degree completion program are related parts of a greater whole. This completeness helps audiences understand the breadth and depth of the academics and spirituality efforts of Asbury University.
  • Leverage the brand management expertise of the University. We do not expect units to have the expertise and ability to manage their individual brands, but a small group of individuals at the University level can manage one core brand effectively
  • Strengthen the brand by ending the confusion and dilution created by a multitude of dissimilar campus unit logos

Best for Stakeholders

By adhering to the Asbury University Brand strategy, we

  • Build pride and connections among our alumni, friends, parents and community members
  • Communicates a comprehensive picture of the value the University adds to their lives
  • Demonstrates and leverages comprehensive Academic Excellence and Spiritual Vitality