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Students eating ice cream conesThe Scholar-Leaders Forum is comprised of 12 new academic scholarship winners on campus: eight 75% tuition (the HC Morrison scholarship) and four 100% tuition (the Wesley Hughes scholarship).

These 12 scholarship winners are invited to be part of a no-credit, no-homework, discussion forum, a time when these special students from many different disciplines will have the chance to get to know each other and to know the program faculty (and then also President Gray) in an informal setting and discuss issues that pertain to them.

The Scholar-Leaders Forum will meet for 4 Sunday Suppers (one each month) during the Fall Semester. One supper at each of faculty member’s houses with a concluding supper at the President’s house.

The basic format for each meeting will include a short time to mix and mingle and then will mostly be a discussion (led by one of the three faculty) about how these scholars can be leaders on our campus – in the classroom, the dorms, and other places. It will be a time for discussion about what new idea or new book they were most excited about since the last meeting, as well as a time for a conversation about what, if any, academic conflicts or challenges they had encountered.

Student asking a question during a sessionStaff

  • Program Director – Dr. Devin Brown
  • Scholar-Leader Faculty – Dr. Erin Penner
  • Scholar-Leader Faculty – Dr. Daniel Strait


  • 4 Sunday Suppers during fall
  • Christmas Drop-in
  • Hosts for the Scholarship Banquet
  • Lunch with the SEARCH Keynote speaker (Windsor Manor)