Greg BandyJournalism Coordinator and Assistant Professor of Media Communications and Journalism

Department: MediaCom


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Who is he? Greg Bandy graduated from Asbury in another century. He originally studied for a career in speech and drama education, but a semester with high-school sophomores and Julius Caesar altered his career intentions. Journalism beckoned to his writing instincts. A Master’s degree from the University of Georgia and a reporting job followed.

What’s he done? Later, a providential airport meeting led to a job as a multimedia coordinator for a large church. This eventually led to work as a freelance writer, photographer and producer in South Florida with clients such as IBM, Northern Telecom, Apple Computer, and Kodak. Later Prof. Bandy moved to Ohio to work in an award-winning digital media studio for some of America’s top corporations. He eventually became a special projects manager with one of the largest business-to-business publishers in the world.

Outside of class? When not prepping for classes, Prof. Bandy enjoys chainsaw projects, saying “Get off Facebook,” psychoanalyzing his 100-lb Rhodesian Ridgeback, and listening to DTS enhancements on DVD. People often wonder why Prof. Bandy’s wife, Hallie, looks so much younger than he does. He maintains a semi-regular workout regime to address that issue and to keep up with their four active children.


B.A. Asbury University

M.A. University of Georgia

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