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David RightmireProfessor

Department: Christian Studies & Philosophy

Office: HU 128

Phone Extension: 2211


PHONE: (859) 858-3511, x2211
FAX: (859) 858-3921


Ph.D. Marquette University, 1987 (Historical Theology)
M.Div. Asbury Theological Seminary, 1979 (Church History)
A.B. Bloomfield College, 1975 (History)


Professor of Bible and Theology, Asbury University, 1985 – present

Adjunct Professor, Asbury Theological Seminary, 1984-85; Spring 2009


  • Foundations of Christian Thought
  • History of the Early Church
  • Historical Theology
  • Understanding the New Testament
  • Growth of the New Testament Church
  • Galatians and Romans


  • Synoptic Gospels
  • Prison Epistles
  • Hebrews and General Epistles
  • Writings of Paul
  • New Testament and End Times
  • History of Christianity I — Patristic and Medieval Periods (ATS)
  • Nicene / Post-Nicene Fathers (ATS)


1. Books

Sacraments and the Salvation Army: Pneumatological Foundations. Studies in Evangelicalism 10. Metuchen, N.J.: Scarecrow Press, 1990.

Salvationist Samurai: Gunpei Yamamuro and the Rise of the Salvation Army In Japan. Pietist and Wesleyan Studies Series. Lanham, Md.: Scarecrow Press, 1997.

Sanctified Sanity: The Life and Teaching of Samuel Logan Brengle. Alexandria, Va.: Crest Publications, 2003. Repr. 2009.

Sanctified Sanity: The Life and Teaching of Samuel Logan Brengle. Revised and Expanded Edition. Wilmore, KY: Francis Asbury Society, 2014.

The Sacramental Journey of the Salvation Army: A Study of Holiness Foundations. Alexandria, VA: Crest Publications, 2016.

2. Chapters in Books

“Holy Love and the Relevance of Wesleyan Spirituality to the Academic Task.” Cornerstones of Spiritual Vitality: Toward an Understanding of Wesleyan Spirituality in Christian Higher Education (262-78). Wilmore, KY: Asbury College, 2009.

“Transitions in Salvation Army Holiness Theology: A Historical Assessment.” Saved, Sanctified, and Serving: Perspectives on Salvation Army Theology and Practice. London: Paternoster Press, 2016.

3. Articles

3.1 Scholarly Journal Publications

“The Sacramental Theology of Jonathan Edwards in the Context of Controversy.” Fides et Historia 21 (1989): 50-60.

“Pannenberg’s Quest for the Proleptic Jesus.” Asbury Theological Journal 44 (1989): 51-76.

“Samuel Brengle and the Development of Salvation Army Pneumatology.” Wesleyan Theological Journal 27 (1992): 104-131.

“Brengle on Evangelism and the Holy Life.” Word and Deed: A Journal of Salvation Army Theology and Ministry 6 (2003): 5-34.

“Cultural Adaptation of Wesleyan-Holiness Mission in Japan: A Case Study of Yamamuro Gunpei and the Salvation Army.” Japanese Religions 29: 1-2 (January 2004): 65-83.

“Brengle and the Future of the Salvation Army: Organizational Assessment and Conditions for Success.” Word and Deed: A Journal of Salvation Army Theology and Ministry 7.2 (May 2005): 61-75.

“Holiness and the Ethical Dimensions of Brengle’s Eschatology.” Word and Deed 10:1 (November 2007): 23-38.

“Holiness in Relation to Salvation: Pneumatological Dimensions of Wesleyan Soteriology,” Word and Deed 11:2 (May 2009): 19-32.

“Holiness and Wesley’s ‘Way of Salvation,’” Word and Deed 13:1 (November 2010): 39-53.

“Subordination of Ecclesiology and Sacramental Theology to Pneumatology in the Nineteenth-Century Holiness Movement,” Wesleyan Theological Journal 47:2 (Fall 2012): 27-35.

“Holiness and the Salvation Army: Nineteenth Century Holiness Movement Roots,” Word and Deed (November 2012): 53-69.

“Holiness as ‘Christian Perfection’: Further Thoughts on Entire Sanctification,” Word and Deed, (November 2013): 5-22.

3.2 Encyclopedia Articles

“Apostle/Apostleship,” “Judaizers,” “Redeem/Redem ption,” “Union with Christ,” and “Works of the Law.” Evangelical Dictionary of Biblical Theology. Grand Rapids: Baker, 1996.

“Jacobus Arminius,” “Franciscus Gomarus,” and “William Booth.” Biographical Dictionary of Christian Theologians. Westport, Conn.: Greenwood Press, 2000.

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“Sacraments” and “Gunpei Yamamuro.” Historical Dictionary of the Salvation Army. Lanham, Md.: Scarecrow Press, 2001.

“Salvation Army Worship.” The New Westminster Dictionary of Liturgy and Worship. Louisville: Westminster John Knox Press, 2002.

3.3 Institutional and Denominational Publications

“The Wesleyan-Holiness Tradition.” Asbury College Ambassador 16:3 (Summer 1989), insert.

“True Greatness: The Way Up is Down.” The Edge 2:3 (February 1991): 10-11.

“Studies in Philippians.” The Edge 3:4 (April, 1991): 12-13; 3:5 (May 1991): 12-13; 3:6 (June, 1991): 14- 15; 3:7 (Summer 1991): 12-13; 3:8 (Sept. 1991): 12-13; 3:9 (October 1991): 12-13; 3:10 (November 1991): 12- 13; 3:11 (December 1991): 12-13; 4:1 (January 1992): 12- 13; 4:2 (February 1992): 12-13; 4:3 (March 1992): 12-13; 4:4 (April 1992): 12-13; 4:5 (May 1992): 12-13.

“Studies in Galatians.” The War Cry (The Salvation Army, Canada). Weekly series May 7 – June 25, 1994 (Eight 1000 word studies). Also published in Die Strydkreet [The War Cry] (The Salvation Army, South Africa). Issues 5675-5682, 1997.

“The Last Supper,” The War Cry (The Salvation Army, USA) 133:3 (March 2013): 14-15.

“Samuel Logan Brengle: Advocate of Holiness,” The War Cry (The Salvation Army, USA) 135:9 (July 2015): 22-23.

“Gunpei Yamamuro: Salvationist Samurai,” The War Cry (The Salvation Army, USA) 135:9 (July 2015): 26.

4. Book Reviews

Jaroslav Pelikan, Jesus Through the Centuries: His Place in the History of Culture. Asbury Theological Journal 44 (1989): 112-114.

Cyril Powles, Victorian Missionaries in Meiji, Japan: The Shiba Sect, 1873-1900. Church History 58 (1989): 407-408.

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David Taylor, Like a Mighty Army? The Salvation Army, The Church and the Churches in Wesleyan Theological Journal 51:1 (Spring 2016): 247-50.


  • American Academy of Religion
  • Conference on Faith and History
  • Society of Biblical Literature
  • Wesleyan Theological Society


Theology referee for Christian Scholar’s Review and Church History journal. Wesleyan Holiness Studies Project (1987-1994). Participant at Evangelical/Catholic Dialogue, St. Thomas University, St. Paul, MN – October 17-18, 2003. Lilly Scholar, Asbury College Transformations Project (Fall 2005-Spring 2007). Wesleyan Holiness Studies Project Scholar since 2007. Asbury Seminary Wesleyan Studies Summer Seminar research resource faculty since 2010. Coordinator of biennial Wesleyan Heritage Conferences at Asbury University 2001-2014. Advisory Board for Holiness Studies Center, The Salvation Army Florida Division (2012 – present). Church Missionary Society Digital Research Project Editorial Board, 2014-present. Academic conference presentations at the American Academy of Religion and Asbury Theological Seminary. Holness lectures for the Salvation Army in the United States, England, and South Korea. Biblical resource person for study tours in Greece, Turkey, and Rome.

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