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Asbury University is an independent liberal arts university, providing undergraduate and graduate educational programs guided by the classical tradition of orthodox Christian thought. Central to this endeavor is a clear affirmation of the scriptures of the Old and New Testaments as God’s infallible and authoritative word and particularly its teaching that the world was created by God and that persons are created in the image of God. On this foundation, we seek to provide an excellent integrated educational experience that appreciates truth in all areas of life and develops whole persons for achievement and service. Whether preparing students for further advanced degree study or for professional employment, the educational programs of the university reflect a liberal arts character.

The University believes in the humanizing value of broad exposure to the Western cultural heritage, the "great tradition" as both a classical body of knowledge and a dynamic conversation on the great ideas and values that have shaped this civilization. In robust interaction with Christian faith and practice, this educational approach develops students' natural God-given potentials as rational, moral, spiritual, social and physical beings. The University seeks to expand students' horizons outward to understand the history and value of other peoples and cultures, and prepares them for involvement in a complex and changing global reality.

University life is shaped by the Wesleyan understanding of sin, grace, and the possibility of full salvation for Christ-like living. Asbury University embraces the equality, dignity and worth of all persons and endeavors to be a campus community that reflects both the unity and diversity of the body of Christ. Asbury University fosters in students a commitment to Jesus Christ as personal Savior and to holiness of heart and life. The University sends them forth to engage transformatively the cultures in which they are called to live out their allegiance to the Kingdom of God and to participate in the cause of world redemption.