Asbury Celebrates the Life and Legacy of C.S. Lewis

If a boy is very lucky, he might one day meet his hero. Douglas Gresham, on the other hand, got to live with his.

Douglas Gresham
Douglas Gresham

“My first encounter with him was extraordinary,” wrote Douglas Gresham a few years ago in The Guardian, a British newspaper. “I was an eight-year-old American schoolboy, ‘straight off the boat,’ brought to Oxford a short while after arriving in this strange land of England, where the people dressed so oddly, spoke so oddly and ate strange and unlikely foods. I was being taken to meet the man who, as far as I was concerned, actually knew High King Peter of Narnia and the great lion Aslan; a man who, for all I knew, might be a member of King Arthur's court. I almost expected a tall, stalwart figure in armor, carrying a broadsword, but the reality was very different. In the kitchen of his house, The Kilns, we were greeted by a slightly stooped, balding, round-shouldered being with long nicotine-stained fingers and teeth, dressed in the shabbiest clothes I had ever seen. This was no knight. This was a don, an Oxford don at the time.

“Despite my initial dismay, Jack soon emerged from my imaginary C.S. Lewis to become real. I lost an illusion and gained at first a friend and later a much-loved stepfather.”

Gresham will speak about his relationship with Lewis and ongoing stewardship of the writings “Jack” left behind at a series of appearances in the Lexington, Cincinnati and Louisville areas. At each location, Gresham will speak with Dr. Devin Brown, an English professor at Asbury and author of “C.S. Lewis: A Life Observed”; admission to all events is free and open to the public.

Sept. 23
Asbury University in Wilmore, Ky., 7 p.m. in Hughes Auditorium

Sept. 24
Vineyard Community Church (Tri-County) in Cincinnati, Ohio; 7 p.m.

Sept. 25
Walnut Street Baptist Church in Louisville, Ky.; 6 p.m.

For more information on any of the three events — including media credentials or interview requests — please contact Asbury University Director of Marketing and Communications Brad Johnson at

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