The Cornerstone Project


The Cornerstone Project is based upon four Cornerstones: Scripture, Holiness, Stewardship and Mission. The Project will impact the campus’s academic, spiritual, and residence life. Included in this Project are learning outcomes, how these outcomes will be assessed, and how the results of this assessment will be used in program supervision and improvement.

"This Cornerstone Project will strengthen and broaden the spiritual commitment of Asbury University, so that graduates will be better prepared to witness to the nations with courage, confidence and competence. The goal is to equip students so that the personal transformation of faith and hope they receive on campus will be transmitted through their lives to the whole world. The Cornerstone Project, 'Spiritual Vitality,' involves the four foundational principles of our institution: Scripture, the doctrine and experience of Holiness from the historic Wesleyan perspective, Stewardship and Mission.“

-Dr. Sandra Gray