2010 Challenge

TO:        Asbury College Campus Community
FROM:   Dr. Sandra Gray, President
RE:        New Year’s Challenge
DATE:    December 11, 2009

Dear Students, Faculty, Staff:

Over the past few months I have been increasingly drawn to the power of the Word, our Father’s gift to us.  Jesus, the Word, “became flesh and dwelled among us” (John 1:14); “The Word is living and active, sharper than a two-edged sword” (Hebrews 4:12).

As I have spoken with several of you this semester, I know there are some who have never read through the Word, from Genesis to Revelation. So … I have begun to imagine just how life changing it would be both individually and institutionally if we would commit to read together the entire Bible during 2010. Now, understandably, this is a huge challenge! Schedules are already full, your reading assignments are vast. However, I would just ask you to pray about whether the Lord would have you to be one among us who, at the conclusion of 2010, will say you have read the Holy Word through, from cover to cover. Perhaps small groups, residence  halls, departments or staff will want to take on the challenge. Please encourage one another to prayerfully consider this.  

Let me say that, although I have read through the Bible several times, I am committing 2010 as a year in which I will read from Genesis through Revelation. My husband, Ken, is joining me. (We will hold each other accountable)!  

In your CPO today you will find a daily chronological reading for the year, laminated so you can place it in your Bible to follow through each day. I look forward to what God will do in, through and for the Asbury College community as we together seek the instruction, wisdom and joy of His Word to us.

This could very well be your first New Year’s Resolution. Will you join me?