Scripture Initiatives

Scripture is the source of Truth upon which the entire Cornerstone Project rests. The other three Cornerstones rest upon the first. The Project emphasizes the necessity of coordinating themes of Spiritual Vitality with Asbury’s community. As scripture undergirds and leads planning related to chapel, this biblical emphasis includes the provision of resources and guidance for planning other campus ministries; including special events coordinated with chapel (i.e. Fall Revival, Great Commission Congress, Holiness Emphasis Week, and Wesleyan Heritage Conference) as well as events reflective of the church year (i.e. Advent, Lent, and Easter).  Along with Scripture playing an explicit role in Chapel and Campus Ministries, our academic curriculum gives high value to the guidance of Scripture and integrates biblical wisdom that is most relevant to respective disciplines.


2009-2014 Chapel Sciptures
2012 Gospel of John Challenge
2012 Lenten Challenge
2010 Scripture Challenge