Mission Initiatives

The Mission aspect of the Cornerstone Project intends to communicate: (1) the scriptural basis of a missional worldview, (2) local and global outreach, (3) a comprehensive understanding of missions within Wesleyan Holiness teachings, (4) service, and (5) “vocation” or “calling” which includes the student’s relationship with the world away from campus in any capacity.

While chapel worship embodies these intentions, integrating a “great commission lifestyle” into university life includes: the resourcing, guiding and planning of special events that coordinate with chapel, such as Great Commission Congress and the Wesleyan Heritage Conference.  Campus Ministries, Student Development, Academic Departments, and Athletics practice local & global outreach across the year, integrating “service” into their preparation of “Christian leaders”, and teaching students now what “living the Great Commission” looks like.  These efforts equip Asbury students with a heart and mind trained to be missional in their view of vocation and calling.

The goals of the Mission Cornerstone are to:

  • Develop students to impact their world for Jesus Christ
  • Convey the importance of being a positive change agent in circles of influence including family, society, and the church
  • Emphasize the importance of serving others
  • Develop a commitment to global ministry and fulfilling the Great Commission     
  • Highlight Asbury’s rich and living heritage of sending evangelical missionaries out in the world
  • Increase student involvement in mission opportunities
  • Participate in campus-wide initiatives related to mission
  • Experience other cultures through course work, missions, or volunteer activities
  • Participate in the worship and ministry of a local church in ways that reflect the Cornerstones of our faith
  • Identify those great themes of the Bible that are central to Christian living, including the topic of calling/vocation/purpose in mission, and the view that we are all missionaries