Holiness Initiatives

The Holiness message is vital to the Asbury experience and heritage and is woven into most campus ministry programs.  Every student and speaker who enters Hughes Auditorium is drawn to the words “Holiness Unto the Lord.”  Asbury emphasizes this Cornerstone in chapels dedicated to 1) the scriptural basis of the holiness doctrine, 2) the anthropological necessity of a pure heart (our created natures are made for God), 3) the reach of the atonement (a spotless church is the expectation and promise of the cross), and 4) the power of the Holy Spirit (the ministry and work of the Third Person of the Trinity is to cleanse and equip believers through a baptism of life, power and purity). The sanctifying grace of God is available even in our darkest hours—a free gift of the Father through the Son and in the Holy Spirit.

Objective:  Students can explain their own understanding of Wesleyan concepts involving the four Cornerstones, and specifically gain a greater understanding and experience of scriptural holiness.

The college is devoted to the proclamation of Wesleyan-Holiness theology, but the university was never intended to be only a training school for Christian workers. The university’s commitment to intellectual vigor and spiritual vitality has been clear and consistent during its history. The current university motto is eruditio et religio [translated as “Faith and Learning.”] It was adopted in 1925, and continues to declare in capsule form the Asbury University commitment: “Academic Excellence and Spiritual Vitality.”  The Cornerstone Project has been developed as an opportunity to develop, coordinate and enhance the second of Asbury’s foundational mission goals: “Academic Excellence and Spiritual Vitality.”

Special holiness-related chapel events include Holiness Emphasis Week and the Wesleyan Heritage Conference each year.