Rev. Greg Haseloff – “Word of God: Authority or Experience?”

February 04, 2014

“Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path….. I incline my heart to perform your statutes forever, to the end.” – Psalm 119:105-112

The longest chapter in the Bible is comprised of 176 verses that address the word of God, law of God, His ordinances, statutes, promises, commandments, decrees, and precepts.  As Scripture speaks about its own authority, is it most concerned about the doctrinal statements of our churches or the experiences of the people who declare themselves followers?

If we who live in a broken and conflicted world set our lives before the commandments of God like the Psalmist of chapter 119, then you will experience:

  • 105 – the Word giving visibility for your journey
  • 106 – a covenantal commitment to the ordinances of God
  • 107 – healing and hope from the Word
  • 108 – a connection between thanksgiving and wisdom
  • 109 – law that guides daily decisions
  • 110 – precepts that hold you in the midst of snares
  • 111 – decrees that give joy, yes joy – forever
  • 112 – a heart inclined to perform God’s statutes

A life that lives the word of God is a life that says none has more authority than Jesus.  So we pray – word of God speak.


- Rev. Greg Haseloff, Associate Dean & Campus Chaplain

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