Prof. Michele Wells – “Good Friday”

April 18, 2014

“And since we are His children, we are His heirs. In fact, together with Christ we are heirs of God’s glory. But if we are to share His glory, we must also share His suffering.  Yet what we suffer now is nothing compared to the glory He will reveal to us later.” – Romans 8:17-18

Life is difficult at times, it’s true.  When we lose loved ones, when we lose special relationships, when we fail at something that we had our heart set on, when we miss out on opportunities, great disappointment sets in.  Even when we consider the events going on all around us, we can experience discouragement and anger. Now imagine how Jesus felt when all of the sin of the world was taken on in His body.  Imagine the discouragement, hurt, anger, disappointment, sadness and anguish He felt as He was brutally beaten and hung on the cross.  He suffered emotionally and He suffered physically. He even suffered spiritually (Mark 15:34) as God turned away from Him so that His purpose could be fulfilled for you and me. 

Are you having a difficult time wrapping your mind around that? That is the LOVE of our Savior.  He took on multiplied amounts of the suffering that we know so that we would not have to endure it. He desired that we experience the glory with only some of the pain.  It does not take away our suffering, but it does make it bearable. What we endure here on earth will not be compared to the glory that is to be revealed.

- Prof. Michele Wells, Associate Professor of Behavioral Sciences

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