Dr. Sandra Gray – “Love Letters and Patience”

February 10, 2014

"The Scripture gives us hope and encouragement as we wait patiently for God’s promises to be fulfilled.” – Romans 15:4

In Vacation Bible School at about 10 years of age, I recall my teacher describing the Holy Scriptures as “God’s love letters to us.”  That thought lodged deep in my spirit, as I loved getting letters.  In those days, handwritten letters, often on carefully chosen stationary, were treasured.  As the years passed and I began to receive letters from close family and friends, they were never tossed to the bottom of a shelf or left unread.  They were read and reread, often shared with others. 

Today, as a child of God, I read His letters with great anticipation.  To read His Word is to be immersed into the very heart of God, to feel His touch, to hear His voice, to experience His love, and to be transformed by the power of His Spirit.   This is so, because scripture is not only the written word, but it is the living Word of God!  As He speaks through His letters to us, we receive hope and encouragement for the most dark and desolate of circumstances, and we experience His celebration of our joys. 

The challenge for us is to daily wait upon Him, to spend time with Him so that we do not miss what He has for us, and to wait patiently for His perfect timing. Someone once said that God is seldom early, but never late.  He may have a message for you today, just waiting to be read, that will meet your deepest need. 

silently now, I wait for Thee, willing my God, Thy will to see[i]

CORNERSTONE:  Scripture 

- Dr. Sandra Gray, President


[1] From the song, “Open My Eyes That I May See”






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