Dr. Lynn Shmidt – “Use What God Has Given You”

February 12, 2014

Read Nehemiah 3.

This chapter of Nehemiah is a record of cooperative accomplishment.  It documents the assignments and cooperating groups who worked together to accomplish the common mission of rebuilding the wall of Jerusalem.  Individually and collectively working toward one goal, the work was completed in "just fifty-two days" (6:15). 

As we look at the make-up of some of the people involved in the building of the wall, we find that many were not even builders.  Some were goldsmiths and others were perfume makers (vs. 8) and yet there they were working right in the middle of the construction zone.  The account of Shallum is intriguing (vs. 12) because it seems that maybe he had no sons to help in the work.  So there he was on the scaffolds with his daughters.  I'll bet they had some broken nails and farmer's tans to deal with.  Finally, some rebuilt the portions of the wall that were in their backyards, close to their houses (vss. 10, 28).  They had an up close and personal view of the problem and joined in the repairs.

The essence of stewardship is faithfully using what you have been given for the glory of God.  Like the rebuilders of the wall, when we all work together to engage the needs of our world, God is there.

CORNERSTONE:  Stewardship

- Dr. Lynn Shmidt, Professor of Christian Studies & Philosophy

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