Dr. Jon Kulaga – “He First Loved Us”

October 07, 2013

“We love Him because He first loved us.” – I John 4:19

It is through the witness of the Holy Spirit, communicating with our spirit, that we are made aware that we belong to Him; that we are His children and that we are holy of heart and holy in life.  

This witness comes to our spirit as sign and seal that we have indeed learned to love God, and are loved by God.  And this love of God is the root of all holiness in the heart of the believer.

John Wesley wrote of this relationship between the Spirit’s witness and our love of God, when he penned these words:

“… not until the Spirit of God has testified of His pardoning love, do we love Him who has first loved us and, for His sake, we love our ‘brother’ also.  His Spirit assures us that God has loved us…and we know that we love God.”

This “inward impression on the soul” assures the believer that Jesus Christ has loved me, and given Himself for me; that all my sins are forgiven, and I, even I, am a child of God.


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