“Becoming” - Rev. Greg Haseloff

March 20, 2017

“…when He is revealed, we will be like Him, for we will see Him as He is.”  I John 3.2

These words in I John 3 intrigue me as much as any passage in Scripture about who God is calling me to become.  If the future holds a moment in every one of our lives when Jesus is going to be revealed, what is going to happen that we will actually be like Him?

We will see Jesus as He is – the character, heart, passionate love, sacrificial posture, fixation on healing, and perfect expression of the holy life – and no blemishes or skewedness or tainted-ness will be present in what we see.

This small passage in I John 3.1-3 raises two qualities which become more and more central to our Christian journey if we are going to one day “be like Him.”

The love the Father has shown us is so central to who we are becoming.  As our brains, our hearts, and our beings experience more of His love, we are transformed.  This is arguably the most powerful transforming agent of the good news of Jesus – that His love alters and perfects the very course of our existence.  As I grow older I will more purposefully order the phrase this way: “To be loved – and to love” is the core calling of a child of God.

The second quality is caught up in the phrase “we will be like Him.”  For the promise to be true means that growth has occurred.  When we grow in the love of God and nurture a heart for the Father, then our very lives begin to look more like the life of Him who gave Himself away.

This one question is meant to shape every single goal we have for spiritual growth: am I receiving more of His love, and am I becoming more loving?


- Rev. Greg Haseloff, Campus Chaplain

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