Cornerstone Initiative Proposals

Since the Cornerstone Project received final approval from our accrediting agency in April, 2009, we have launched two major phases.  The first phase included the creation of the Cornerstone Council, designing new guidelines for chapel, and the new Worship Arts major as a curricular initiative.  The second phase included the embrace of creation care, which primarily centered around the implementation of a campus wide recycling program.

While these two phases were being implemented, community wide suggestions from students, faculty and staff have contributed to many initiatives that express the Cornerstones.  After three years, some of these initiatives have included: three different challenges to read Scripture, a Stewardship Week, a tray-less initiative, and financial initiatives that included both seminars as well as a semester long course.

Further expression and implementation of the Cornerstones will be enhanced by suggestions from the community.  Please complete a Cornerstone Initiative Proposal form to submit an idea you have to further incorporate one of the Cornerstones in the life of our campus.  The Cornerstone Council will review these proposals and consider allocating resources to implement approved proposals across campus.