Cornerstone Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Cornerstone Project?

While the Cornerstone Project presented itself during an accreditation process, it is most simply intentional investment in our spiritual vitality. The Project is committed to growing in our community in these areas that are central to spiritual vitality.

Why four Cornerstones?

Scripture, holiness, stewardship and mission are our four cornerstones because we believe that spiritual vitality is driven by these four things. Through guidance by the Holy Spirit and consensus across campus, these four cornerstones came forth.

Who came up with the Cornerstones?  

While a small committee and the administration worked out the details, initially the project was conceived by the students, faculty, staff and alumni. Through a process of polling these groups, condensing their responses, and re-polling, the Cornerstone Project was roughly decided.

What does the Cornerstone Project mean for me as a student?

Hopefully it means a richer, more comprehensive spiritual development while attending Asbury. It will certainly mean a more cohesive chapel schedule, a more seamless integration of faith and learning, a more complete understanding of how best to serve the Lord, and a richer experience of being spiritually formed during university.

What does the Cornerstone Project mean for the University?

The university has committed to the success of this project, which means the commitment of time, human resources, and financial resources. This is not on the backburner, but rather engrained into our motto of Academic Excellence and Spiritual Vitality.

How long will the Cornerstone Project last?

We believe  that inpact will be felt for a lifetime since these four driving values are what will guide and give direction to the Spiritual Vitality of Asbury University. The actual Cornerstone Project is a 10 year plan that will be in in process from 2009 to 2019.

Other than chapel, what programs/people does the cornerstone project affect?

While chapel has been identified as the first initiative, creation care is already targeted as our second initiative. Students, faculty, staff and administration are all encouraged to propose additional initiatives related to one or more of the cornerstones. The Cornerstone Project  can affect all programs on campus, since our spiritual vitality is reflected in who we are and all that we do.

How will we integrate cornerstone project into our department?

As the cornerstones gain familiarity – scripture, holiness, stewardship, and mission – each department is challenged to create avenues of implementation. While cornerstones will be highlighted at times in chapel, the integration at the departmental level should tie in to those occurrences as well other occasions when it is appropriate for the departmental programming.

Who is in charge of the cornerstone project?

The Cornerstone Council has been entrusted with implementing the Cornerstone Project. The Council will approve new initiatives, and many people across campus will have opportunities to contribute.

What is the Q.E.P ?

Q.E.P. stands for Quality Enhancement Plan, which is a new requirement for accreditation. Asbury University’s Q.E.P. is the Cornerstone Project.  For Institutional Effectiveness Assessment information on the Cornerstone Project, click here.

How do we measure Spiritual Vitality?

While it is very difficult to measure attitudes and beliefs, we will be adapting a new assessment instrument called ‘Furnishing the Soul Inventory’ – designed to measure spiritual vitality.

Why is it called a “project”?

The word "project" connotes action, because the Cornerstones are an action plan for enhancing our spiritual vitality.

How can I get involved with the Cornerstone Project?

Please use the CONTACT US link located on left navigation and send us a message. We will help you get involved in the Cornerstone Project.