Chapel Initiative Proposals

Students, faculty, and administration are encouraged to submit chapel proposals which would speak toward the goals of Cornerstone as it expands the spiritual vitality of our campus.

Proposals may be submitted to the Cornerstone Council for review by completing the Chapel Initiative Proposal Form.  The Goals and Outcomes described below provide direction for the goals of each proposal and its potential campus impact:

GOAL 1:  Develop student knowledge / understanding of the four foundational Cornerstones (Scripture, Holiness, Stewardship, Mission).

Desired Outcomes: 

  • Students will be able to both understand and explain the tenets of the Christian religion.  The students also will understand how the tenets of the Christian faith inform and are reflected in the four Cornerstones.
  • Students can explain their own understanding of Wesleyan concepts involving the four Cornerstones, or ways in which traditional holiness doctrine can serve to motivate application of the Cornerstones in students’ lives.
  • Students will understand how the Cornerstone principles appear in various ways in the academic and community life of Asbury University.

GOAL 2:  Strengthen the development of spiritual vitality via curricular and co-curricular learning experiences as well as opportunities for service that relate to Asbury University’s foundational Cornerstones of Scripture, Holiness, Stewardship, and Mission.

Desired Outcomes:

  • Students see personal value in the Cornerstones.
  • Student opinion of service learning opportunities is positive.
  • Students will understand the relation between elements in the general education core curriculum that relate to the Cornerstones.

GOAL 3:  Promote voluntary student participation in individual and group services and mission opportunities within the Cornerstone principles.

Desired Outcomes:

  • Increase student involvement in stewardship and mission opportunities
  • Evidence of student initiative in projects concerning Cornerstone concepts
  • Participate in campus-wide initiatives for stewardship and mission
  • Experience other cultures through coursework, missions, or volunteer activities
  • Experience events that explore the theology of worship
  • Participate in the worship and ministry of a local church, in ways that reflect the Cornerstone concepts
  • Participate in mission and service outreach that reflects the Cornerstone concepts
  • Participate in mission and service outreach that reflects the Cornerstone concepts