Transition and Guidance (T.A.G.) Program

Involvement in a campus’ community and activities is one of the biggest indicators of student retention and success. We know how important it is for you to feel at home and a part of the community here at Asbury. Because of this, we have created T.A.G., or the Transition and Guidance Program.

T.A.G. was made with you in mind. Approximately forty sophomore student leaders will be here to welcome you to campus, guide you through New Student Orientation, and help you get to know your classmates. Each incoming freshman and transfer student is assigned to a T.A.G. group, which is made up of around eighteen to twenty new students and two sophomore T.A.G. leaders.

T.A.G. leaders are competent, caring individuals who undergo an advanced training process to prepare for your arrival. Not only will they make your New Student Orientation experience as smooth as possible, but throughout your first semester they will plan and prepare fun activities, be available for help and questions, and meet with you regularly to check in on how things are going. 


-Sarah Choate, Junior, T.A.G. Program Coordinator
" TAG leaders help connect new students to the Asbury community by fostering transformative relationships with peers, faculty and staff members, and with Christ. During New Student Orientation, TAG leaders act as tour guides and "point-men" for the TAG groups, helping new students get to wherever they need to go, answering questions, and creating fun along the way. Throughout the semester, TAG leaders take a relational approach to get to know the students in their groups by planning weekly TAG dinners, monthly TAG events, helping students adjust to campus life, and by making him or herself available to help new students in whatever way possible. Basically, TAG leaders are blessed with the privilege of mentoring new students and just "doing life" with them as they dive into the Asbury University community."
-Jorge Castorena, T.A.G. Coordinator
"NSO at Asbury is a week during which you will get to know faculty, staff the campus. You will also get to know upperclassmen and, most importantly, your class, with whom you'll begin to build community from day one. It is a week filled with different activities and events that will help orient you to your new college life. You'll have time to unpack, situate yourself, say goodbye to your family and get ready for your first semester of college. You'll make new friends and will make good memories. Although the transition into college might be overwhelming, NSO at Asbury helps freshmen have a smooth arrival to Asbury and a smooth start to the new school year."