Kresge Hall Resident Director

Rebecca Matthews, Resident Director
Rebecca Matthews, Resident Director

I just recently moved to Wilmore, but it didn’t take long at all before Kresge Hall felt like home! 

As the Resident Director, it is my goal for every woman that resides within these walls to feel safe and secure knowing that Kresge offers an environment where we can grow in Christ and seek His guidance together – as a family. 

While I may be biased, I really do believe my staff which is made up of Resident Assistants and Spiritual Life Assistants is the cream of the crop! There is an RA and SLA designated to each hall, and I know that through the combined efforts of these two roles, students are provided with rich opportunities to grow in every aspect of life. I am constantly hearing of wonderful small group times (we call these meetings Koinonia), as well as fourth meal runs to Taco Bell!

While there is a lot to do on the individual halls between movie nights, breakfasts at midnight, Koinonias, and other hall events, there are also a lot of all-dorm events to get involved in: 

  • Kresge Kandyland! (Basically we dress up the dorm and invite the community kids as well as campus to come and trick-or-treat in style…)
  • All-dorm worship nights
  • Campus-wide Easter egg hunt

More than anything, Kresge is simply a safe place to grow and develop into the women that God is calling us to be. It is a place that is not perfect but is collectively striving to understand grace, love, and community like they are meant to be known.

Kresge Hall is home to me and I hope and pray that each woman that enters into this family will one day leave home having a lifetime of memories and a heart closer to Jesus.

Rebecca Mathews 


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