Johnson Hall Resident Director

Paul  Niswander, Resident Director
Paul Niswander, Resident Director
Welcome to Johnson Hall, the house that Z.T. built.

Johnson Hall is a hub for growth, hearty laughter, and most importantly, stimulating conversation between young men pursuing God’s call. The building is situated in close proximity with the rest of Asbury’s campus to encourage the full liberal arts experience. The Residence Life staff led by the Resident Director works to create environments suited for uplifting relationships. The goal in residence life is to foster halls for residents to discover their new home.

The building is designed in such a way to promote adequate space for a variety of activities, and to make room for students to interact with each other. One can walk in the front doors expecting to study for the night before he is completely engulfed in a conversation about whether Space Jam was the epitome of 90s kids’ movies. Before he knows it, he is sitting in the middle of his hall singing kumbahyah in Swahili.

Throughout the academic year, several organized activities take place to bring residents together in a larger setting. In many cases the residence staff tries to invite speakers and faculty members to generate discussion revolving around topics discussed in chapel. During the “Faith and Relationships” chapel series, the men of Johnson gathered in the lobby to hear from respected faculty members and ask questions regarding Godly relationships.

The Johnson staff also enjoys putting on holiday/seasonal-themed events. These include ‘Shocktoberfest,’ a fall carnival style occasion, ‘the Johnson Hall Christmas Party,’ an unmatched Christmas extravaganza, and ‘Glow-in-the-Dark Easter Egg Hunt,’ the name covers the bases.

Stop by Johnson and expect smiles, handshakes, and hugs.


Email Paul Niswander, Johnson Resident Director, for more information, or call ext. 2294.

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