Graduate Education Degree Requirements


Admission To Degree Status (Gate 5)    

The student must meet all of the following requirements to be admitted into degree status.

1. Completed degree status application form. 

2. Successful completion of a minimum nine (9) semester hours at Asbury University.

3. Minimum of 3.00 grade point average on all graduate coursework completed.

4. Three professional references with disposition ratings.

5. Successful submission of Entry Professional Portfolio.

6. A passing score on the Praxis I exam (also known as the PPST) or GRE

7.  A passing score on PRAXIS II content (for some M.A.T. candidates)

8. Successful formal interview demonstrating critical thinking, communication, creativity, and collaboration as well as demonstrating dispositions expected of professional educators.


Certification Examinations

All candidates seeking teacher certification are to take the appropriate PRAXIS II Specialty Area Examination(s) and Principles of Learning and Teacher Examination(s) in order to be certified.  Contact the Graduate Education Office for a list of tests required for each program area.

A bachelors’ degree is a prerequisite to all of the master of arts degree programs.  Additional prerequisites may be required for each program. All programs lead to certification.


Granting Of The M.A. or M.A.T Degree (Gate 6)     

The actual granting of the M.A. or M.A.T. degree requires completion of the following:

1. Successful completion of all coursework.

2. Minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.00.

3. Minimum of 30.0 hour of graduate coursework.

4. Successful submission of Professional Portfolio.

5. Successful completion of Action Research and Project Presentation.

6. Application for graduation approved by the Registrar.

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Admission to Principal Licensure Degree Status (Gate 7)

The student must meet all four of the following requirements to be admitted into degree status.

1. Applicants will submit a portfolio to superintendent requesting endorsement to apply to principal preparation program.

2. Portfolio contents will include the following:

  • Letter of application
  • Evidence of ability to improve student achievement
  • Evidence of leadership and management potential
  • Letters of recommendation from applicant’s principal, supervisor, and/or colleague (choose at least 2)
  • Completed copy of the most recent performance appraisal to include professional development component
  • A personal statement of career goals

3. Superintendent will review application and, if acceptable, will complete and sign a Professional Recommendation form

4. Application will then be submitted to a District/University Screening Committee along with:               

  • Official transcript from all degree-granting institutions
  • Grade Point Average
  • Current teaching licensure
  • Three years successful teaching
  • Hold Masters Degree


Completing Level I of the Principal Licensure Program: Capstone Project (Gate 8)

Exit from Level I of the program includes the following requirements:

  1. 3.00 GPA
  2. Satisfactory Field Component Performance
  3. Capstone Project
  4. Anchor Assessments

Exiting Level II of the Principal Licensure Program/Granting the Ed.S. Degree (Gate 9)

Exit from Level II of the program includes the following requirements:

  1. 3.00 GPA
  2. Satisfactory Internship
  3. Work Samples demonstrating application of Kentucky Leadership Standards and impact on student achievement
  4. Successful completion of Kentucky Leadership Assessment


To graduate with a degree Ed.S. candidates must complete the application for graduation and be approved by the Registrar.

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In conjunction with completion of the Principal Licensure Program candidates qualify for dual licensure with Instructional Supervisor Certification.


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