Colleges & Departments

College of Arts & Sciences     

                Ancient & Modern Languages Department

                Art Department

                Behavioral Sciences Department

                Business, Economics & Political Science Department

                Christian Studies & Philosophy Department

                English Department

                Health, Physical Education & Recreation Department

                History Department

                Mathematics Department

                Music Department

                Natural Sciences Department


School of Communication Arts           

                Communications Arts Department    


School of Education

                Education Department     

                       Instructional Leadership; Education Specialties


Graduate & Professional Studies

     Adult Professional Studies (APS)            

                  APS Bachelor of Science Programs (BS)

                       Degree completion; Teacher certification


     Graduate Programs

             Graduate Business Programs (MBA)

             Graduate Communications Programs (MA)

             Graduate Education Programs (MAT, MA, EDS)

             Graduate Social Work Programs (MSW)


2013-14 BULLETIN  08/13/2013