Undergraduate Student Campus Life



Whether you are a new or returning student, furthering your education will present challenges as well as opportunities. Asbury University provides programs and support services to assist you as you pursue your educational goal.


Center for Academic Excellence

The Center for Academic Excellence (CAE), located on the lower level of the Kinlaw Library, exists to support students across all disciplines.  Traditional undergraduate students on the Wilmore campus are offered free academic support through the CAE, which houses the Writing Center, general academic tutoring, tutoring for specific classes, and tutoring for students with identified learning disabilities.  Students can request tutoring any time during a semester and can meet with a tutor for multiple sessions.

Tutors in the Center for Academic Excellence serve their fellow students through a dynamic tutoring process.  Tutors, who have mastered content-specific information about academic subjects, general academic skills, and writing, communicate this information to students at each student’s level of academic preparedness, competence, and confidence. 

Tutors work with students to encourage immediate and lifelong goals:  the ability to think and write on a college level and to impact the world for Christ.  One-on-one or small-group meetings allow for Christian fellowship, encouragement, and accountability.  See asbury.edu/academics/cae, email tutoring@asbury.edu, or call ext. 2196 for additional information.



Center for Career and Calling

The Center for Career and Calling exists to assist students in developing effective career decision-making and employment skills reflective of God’s unique calling on their lives. Career and Calling staff help students understand their interests, values, skills, and personalities while applying this knowledge to their choice of academic major, career exploration, and the job search process. The Center provides individual career counseling sessions and manages an online job/internship opportunity web page to assist Asbury University students in connecting with employers who are specifically seeking Asburians as job/intern candidates. On-campus recruiting events and off-campus job fairs are coordinated through the Center. Workshops and classroom presentations occur throughout the year to assist students in developing effective skills in areas such as resume writing, job and internship searching, and interviewing. See asbury.edu/career for additional information and online resources or contact us at careerandcalling@asbury.edu or ext. 2401.


Center for Counseling

The Center for Counseling endeavors to equip and encourage students associated with Asbury University toward greater personal and community health. Center staff is encouraged to take an active collaborative stance with fellow community agents to build on existing strengths and modify obstacles to student and community mental health. The Center for Counseling fulfills a vital role in developing the God-given potential of campus community members by providing a broad range of professional psychological services. A variety of services are also provided in residence halls, classrooms, and administrative meetings. Integrating psychological practice with Christ-centered principles, the office seeks to prepare students for a lifetime of learning, leadership, and service. Services are free (except for some assessments or special events/workshops) and are provided to students who are currently enrolled for at least nine hours per semester. See asbury.edu/counseling or call ext. 2323 for additional information.


Department of Athletics

There are many opportunities for students to participate in athletic events.  Asbury University recognizes the educational value of sports and maintains an extensive program of intercollegiate athletics.  These programs are designed to give students the opportunity for physical exercise and participation in events which develop a spirit of cooperation and good sportsmanship.  The programs are intended to be harmonious with the total training of students, preparing them to live as Christians in a competitive society.

The varsity program is open to the skilled student-athlete who wants to participate in the highest level of athletic competition at Asbury University.  The athletic director, working with the Athletic Advisory Committee appointed by the president of the University, is responsible for the administration of the intercollegiate program.  The sports and programs offered are the following:  women—basketball, cheerleading, cross country, golf, soccer, softball, swimming, tennis, and volleyball; men—baseball, basketball, cross country, golf, soccer, swimming, and tennis. See asbury.edu/athletics or call ext. 2475 for additional information.


Disability Services

Students with physical limitations needing minimal accommodations can be successful at Asbury University.  The institution attempts to assist students with their specific needs in and out of the classroom.  Students with physical disabilities who are considering attending the University must contact the Vice President of Student Development/Dean of Students (ext. 2116) to discuss their situation and accommodation needs.


Food Service  

Pioneer College Caterers provides food service for the main Wilmore campus of Asbury University. All resident students must participate in a meal plan and may choose from one of the options listed below. For prices visit asbury.edu/offices/financial-aid/costs.

20 Meal Plan provides students 20 meals per week (no meals carry over)

225 Block Plan entitles student to 225 meals per semester for the student or his/her friends and family (may use up to 5 meals per meal period)

14 Meal Plan provides the student 14 meals per week (no meals carry over)

175 Block Plan entitles student to 175 meals per semester for the student or his/her friends and family (may use up to 5 meals per meal period)


Students who live in the Aldersgate apartments or other alternative housing have the option of choosing any of the meal plans listed above or choosing from a plan listed below.

7 Meal Plan provides the student 7 meals per week (no meals carry over)

95 Block Plan entitles student 95 meals per semester for the student or his/her friends and family (may use up to 5 meals per meal period)


Asbury understands that some students may have extenuating circumstances that warrant an exception to the meal plan requirements.  Students who meet one or more of the criteria listed below can submit an application for a 7-Meal Plan.

Students who eat with parents, close relatives or a legal guardian

Students whose meals are provided as part of their work agreement

Students who are student teaching

Students whose work and class schedules conflict with the meal schedule

Students who have documented medical concerns certified by the University physician


If a student feels he/she meets one or more of the criteria for an exception, an application can be submitted to the Assistant Vice President for Business Services at least two weeks before the beginning of the semester.  Application forms are available in the offices of Student Development (ext. 2322) and Student Accounts (ext. 2330). 

Please visit Pioneer College Caterers at asbury.pcconline.net for health and nutritional information as well as shop for special treats (birthday cake, cookies, fruits, etc.) for an Asbury University student.


Intramural Sports

The intramural program is open to all Asbury University students, alumni, faculty, and staff on the Wilmore campus. A variety of sports, activities, and special events are available throughout the year. Visit asbury.edu/intramurals or call ext. 4615 for more information.


Music Organizations

Women's Choir, Chorale, Men's Glee Club, Concert Band, Orchestra, Handbell Choir, Jazz Ensemble.  Several Collegium Musicum Chamber Ensembles (Brass Quintet, Flute Choir, Percussion Ensemble, String Quartets, etc.) are available for student participation. Contact the Music Department at ext. 2250 for more information.


Office of Campus Ministries and Chapel

Campus Ministries

The Asbury University community is committed to the integration of faith, learning and living.  The Office of Campus Ministries is focused especially on nurturing students in their spiritual journeys by intentionally encouraging worship, discipleship, and service.  Many discipleship opportunities are offered, including floor Koinonias, small groups, Bible studies, and student-led worship events.  Opportunities to serve others include mission trips, various weekly outreach ministries of helping and compassion, and ministry teams to churches and camps during the summer.  On campus, students can be involved in peer ministry as discipleship leaders and residence hall spiritual life assistants.  The Office of Campus Ministries is committed to equipping students for ministry and service on campus, in the community, and around the world to prepare a new generation of Christian leaders. See asbury.edu/campus-ministries or call ext. 2200 for additional information.



One of the historic distinctives of Asbury University is the gathering of the entire student body in chapel three times a week, during which the great themes of the Bible, human intellect, and the world intersect and are addressed by a wide range of speakers. Chapel remains the most central time when we proclaim Christ Jesus as Savior.  We also hear amazing preaching and teaching that invites students into spiritual formation – into the ongoing process of being shaped by the Holy Spirit into the image of Christ.  Exalting Jesus Christ as our Cornerstone, we believe students leave Asbury with a greater understanding and experience of Scripture, holiness, stewardship and mission.  This worship hour is sacred as students, faculty, and staff are challenged to listen, think, believe, and commit to the calling of Christ to be His people in a broken world.  See “Chapel Attendance” in the Academic Policies section, visit asbury.edu/chapel, or call ext. 2200 for more information.


Office of Housing and Residence Life

Asbury University is committed to the residential university experience for traditional undergraduates on the main campus and thus expects full-time single students to live in University housing.  See asbury.edu/housing  or call ext. 2322 for additional information. 

Students who want to live off campus must meet one or more of the following criteria to be eligible to apply:

Students who are married or otherwise legally self-supporting

Students who are 23 or older

Students who live with parents, close relatives, or a legal guardian

Students who are working in an approved home for their room and board but who make no cash payment for said room and board

Students who are fifth year seniors


An Application to Live Off-Campus must be filed at least two weeks prior to the beginning of the academic term. Forms are available in the Office of Residence Life (ext. 2322).


The University offers a limited number of one- and two-bedroom units for married and other non-traditional students, all unfurnished. Students who desire this type of housing should contact the Office of Residence Life (ext. 2322) at the earliest possible date, as there may be a wait list.


Office of Student Leadership Development

Leadership Development Programs

Based on the belief that all students are potential leaders, Asbury University offers a leadership development program open to all students, which includes a variety of different elements designed to encourage personal involvement in community service and leadership development.  The co-curricular program LEAD-ON! provides experiences and workshops allowing students to develop their leadership theory, skills, and application.  Through the community service-learning office, students can develop their leadership skills by participating in hands-on service experiences in the community.  The Asbury University Challenge Course also promotes leadership development in the form of adventure-based learning.  Students participating in the leadership program receive a co-curricular transcript detailing their involvement in leadership activities, co-curricular activities and service projects. See the Handbook for Student Leadership Opportunities, visit asbury.edu/leadership, or call ext. 2117 for more information.


Student Organizations

Organizations and clubs are an important part of life at Asbury University. Most students become active members of at least one organization or club. These groups are typically formed along Christian, cultural, personal or educational interests.  See asbury.edu/clubs for additional information.

Student Success Programs

The Asbury University community is committed to the academic success and overall development and satisfaction of the students enrolled. In keeping with this commitment, the Office of Student Success Programs strives to help students successfully transition and acclimate to collegiate life by offering programs and support services which are intentionally designed to increase their awareness, knowledge, understanding, skills, and/or attitudes regarding the academic, spiritual, cultural, and social climate of the University. Call ext. 2127 for additional information. 

New Student Orientation. All new first-time and transfer students enrolling full-time in the traditional undergraduate program fall or spring semester are expected to attend an orientation program designed to provide the information and support needed to make a successful transition into the academic, spiritual, cultural, and social climate of the University. 

Transition And Guidance Program. New students receive support through the Transition And Guidance Program (T.A.G.). Pairs of trained peer mentors, known as T.A.G. Leaders, assist small groups of first-time or transfer students during New Student Orientation and throughout their initial semester to successfully acclimate and integrate into campus life in and out of the classroom. T.A.G. Leaders are prepared to work closely with the students in their group and provide information regarding campus services, programs, and personnel available to help students grow and develop personally and spiritually, manage academic challenges, and/or cope with personal issues, so that they can thrive while at the University and achieve their personal best. The T.A.G. Leaders also offer social opportunities for the students in their group through weekly dinners and monthly activities.

Individual Support Services. Individual and educational counseling and support services are provided to help students who are experiencing challenges with their transition and integration into collegiate life academically, socially, and spiritually, and with their personal growth and development.


Office of Intercultural Programs

International, third-culture, African-American, Asian-American/Pacific-Islander, American-Indian/Alaskan-Native, and Latina/o-American students all provide a richness of culture that is integral to the University. With an institutional commitment to be inclusive and embrace all people, the Office of Intercultural Programs sponsors and advises ethnic student organizations and provides individual support for international and U.S. ethnic students, as well as offers cultural programs and experiences for the entire campus community that impact student learning by increasing awareness, understanding, respect, and/or appreciation of cultural diversity. See asbury.edu/student-life/intercultural-programs or call ext. 2314 for additional information.

Asbury Initiative Grant. The University provides a valuable co-curricular opportunity for students to experience international service work during the summer break. Competitive grants for expenses and a stipend are awarded in the spring of each year to juniors, seniors, and graduating seniors to impact the global community through sustainable initiatives in developing countries in the areas of international community development, social and economic development, public wellness and treatment, literacy and education, and other public services.

Cultural Programs. A variety of educational and social cultural activities, events, as well as service opportunities are offered to the campus community. Each year students can attend cultural festivals and programs on campus and in the surrounding community, see a cultural movie, participate in a diversity dialogue with guest speakers or faculty members, worship with an ethnic congregation, or serve as a volunteer for a Martin Luther King Jr. Day community service project. 

Emerging Leader-Scholar Program. Through a competitive selection process, outstanding high school African-American, Asian-American/Pacific-Islander, American-Indian/Alaskan-Native, and Latina/o-American students are invited to participate in the Emerging Leader-Scholar Program (ELSP) throughout their four years as undergraduate students at the University. Participants in the program demonstrate a commitment to their personal development and growth as a leader by achieving academically, actively participating in ELSP support services and monthly activities, and engaging in campus leadership opportunities. 

Ethnic Student Organizations. International, third-culture, and U.S. ethnic students can find support and opportunities for social interaction through one of five student organizations sponsored by the office—Alpha Sigma Alpha (Asian-American Student Alliance), Beta Sigma Alpha (Black-American Student Alliance), Iota Sigma Alpha (International Student Alliance), Lambda Sigma Alpha (Latina/o-American Student Alliance), and MuKappa (Third-Culture Student Alliance).

Individual Support Services. Individual support that is responsive to the specific needs of international, third-culture and African-American, Asian-American/Pacific-Islander, American-Indian/Alaskan-Native, and Latina/o-American students is provided to assist them in acquiring the knowledge and skills necessary to grow and develop personally and to be academically successful while at the University.

Intercultural New Student Orientation. Prior to New Student Orientation each fall, a special program is offered for new international students and students who have lived outside the U.S. during the previous three or more years. The program is designed to address the immediate needs and cultural issues related to collegiate life these new students may encounter upon entering the U.S. All new international and third-culture students are expected to attend both Intercultural New Student Orientation and New Student Orientation. Transfer student participation in Intercultural New Student Orientation is determined by the office on an individual basis.


Student Health Services

For the traditional undergraduate population housed on the main Wilmore campus, the University maintains a well-equipped health center with a competent staff of experienced registered nurses while school is in session. The health center is open 35 hours per week and nurse triage phone consultation is available for emergencies after hours.  Students may see the physician or nurses by appointment at no additional expense, except for certain prescription medications, diagnostic tests, and immunizations (including those for international travel).  Excellent medical facilities exist in nearby Lexington in case of serious injury or illness. See asbury.edu/health, email health.services@asbury.edu, or call ext. 2277 for additional information.


Student Publications

The Asbury Collegian (student newspaper), Asbury Review (literary review magazine) and the Asburian (yearbook) are published by student staffs. The publications are produced under the direction of a student/faculty Publications Committee and are also related to the journalism program of the University. For more information, contact the faculty advisor of each publication: The Asbury Collegian, ext. 2393; Asbury Review, ext. 2189; Asburian, ext. 2191.


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