Adult Professional Studies Admission


Mr. T. Josh Fee, Director

Mrs. Kathleen Powell, Associate Director, Orlando

The mission of the Adult Professional Studies (APS) Program is to provide a quality academic program, within a Christian context, that equips nontraditional students to Adult Professional Studies professional excellence in their chosen field.  The Adult Professional Studies Program prepares students for leadership and service to others, cultivates attitudes of lifelong learning, and fosters spiritual development.






Asbury University has a rolling admission policy.  Applications for admission are accepted throughout the calendar year.  Students are encouraged to apply for admission at the earliest possible date.  An early application for admission provides optimal opportunity for financial aid awards, and course selection.  Applications are accepted for the fall or spring semesters.



To obtain application materials and information go to

Email the APS Admissions Office:

Phone:     For the Wilmore, KY or Online campuses - (859) 858-3511 ext. 2600  

                For the Orlando, FL campus - (407)-482-7620


Completed admissions materials may be mailed to:


Adult Professional Studies

Corbitt Hall

Asbury University

One Macklem Drive

Wilmore, Kentucky 40390


(or for the Orlando Campus)

Adult Professional Studies

Asbury University

Valencia College Ln.

Orlando, FL 32825


Admissions Requirements

[For additional admissions guidelines see also Traditional Admissions Requirements for new freshmen, transfers, internationals, etc.]

1. Student must be 25 years of age or older, or be 23 or 24 years of age with two years of full-time work experience.

2. Have completed of a minimum of 39 semester credit hours with a grade C or better average from an accredited institution of higher learning.  No more than 60 semester hours of credit can be transferred in from a two-year college and no more than 75 semester hours of credit can be transferred in from a four-year college or university. All students need to be aware that this is a 124 hour degree program. 

3. Applicants must request each college or university previously attended to send an official transcript directly to the Asbury Adult Professional Studies Program office.  Hand carried transcripts are not acceptable.

4. Completed Application form.

5. Two satisfactory references--one from current or previous employer and one personal (non-family) reference.

6.  Character and Fitness form required for Elementary Education program applicants.


Admission Decisions

1. Admitted in Good Standing

2. Provisional Admission

3. Denial

Applicants will be notified of the decision in writing.



Former Asbury University students who have withdrawn from the University or have failed to maintain continuous enrollment must apply for re-admission. Students applying for re-admission must submit:

1. A completed Asbury University APS Readmission Application.

2. An official transcript of any course work from all institutions attended since the last Asbury University enrollment.

To be re-admitted, an applicant must be in good standing academically, socially and financially at Asbury University. An applicant not in good standing in one or more of these categories will be referred to the Admissions Review Committee for consideration.

Readmission is not automatically granted.  In the event a former student is not readmitted, the university will provide the reason(s) in writing.  The student may submit a request for reconsideration to the Adult Professional Studies Program Director whose decision then will be final. 


[ALL TRANSCRIPTS, whether high school or University, must be sent directly from that institution to the Admissions Office of Asbury University.  Hand‑carried transcripts may be used for evaluation only.  They are NOT acceptable as final, official transcripts.]



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