At Asbury University, we are equipping students with the education, skills and spiritual foundation to make an impact on their community, professions, family and the Church. Your support plays a vital role in helping us accomplish this mission.

Below you will find short bios on each of the students involved in the Phonathon program. Each of these students has a remarkable story of transformation and a vision of where God is leading them.


Junior, Mathematics Secondary Education major
Hometown: Grove City, OH

Why I chose Asbury: I visited Asbury because my brother and sister-in-law lived down here and thought I would like it. I thought, "Sure, why not, it's a weekend to come see them!" Well, I loved it! Walking onto campus, I could feel God's presence and His reassurance that this is where I was suppose to be. The fact that Asbury has phenomenal education and mathematics departments just reaffirmed my decision.

What I love about Asbury: Everything. I love coming together as a campus three times a week, in Hughes to worship. I love the community within the dorms. I love the approachability of the faculty. I love the desire of my professors' for me to succeed. I love that I can openly ask questions about my faith to my peers and to my professors.

My favorite class: Wow, what a tough one! But I'd say that my favorite class is Understanding the Old Testament. The class provides me with the historical facts and background information that makes reading the Old Testament come alive with a whole new understanding.

Random/fun fact about me: I am a member of the Heart & Sole Clogging ministry at my home church in Ohio. I've been clogging ever since I was in the 5th/6th grade. To worship God in a unique way through clogging is absolutely incredible.

Freshman: Psychology & Missions
Hometown: Richmond, KY

Why I chose Asbury: Throughout the process of choosing a college, I already knew I wanted to go to Asbury. Through a long series of events, God has provided a way for me to go to Asbury. This is very special to me because my family and I didn't think this would be possible, but here I am here now!

What I love about Asbury: Asbury is a thin place for me, meaning its a place where the space between God and me is very thin. That's my favorite part about being at Asbury. It is a place where my relationship with God can always come first.

Random/fun fact about me: My favorite classes are General Psychology & Ministry and the Contemporary church.



Freshman: Social Work
Hometown: Lexington, KY

Why I chose Asbury: I choose Asbury because I feel that this is the school God has chosen to aide in completing the work he started in me. By studying social work and becoming a social worker, Asbury can really prepare me for what God has in store for me.

What I love about Asbury: I love the community worship. For three days a week in the mornings, everything shuts down for chapel. I like that we all have to go to chapel. It builds community.

Favorite Class: The seminar on poverty is my favorite class so far. I like it because we go out into the community. It also helps me to understand more of whats going on around here.

Freshman: Music Therapy
Hometown: Grayson, GA

Why I Chose Asbury: I chose Asbury because I felt a peace in my heart when I walked on campus. I looked at a few other schools, but God made it clear to me that Asbury was where I was supposed to be.

What I I love Asbury : I love the spirituality of campus. I also love the teachers and their willingness to help you succeed.

My favorite class: I really like my French class



Sophomore: Missions, Spanish Minor
Hometown: St. Louis, MO

Why I chose Asbury: I felt the Lord calling me here the summer before my senior year after seeing a documentary about persecuted Christians. Once I officially visited, Asbury immediately felt like home!

What I love about Asbury: This place is unlike any place I've ever been. The community is strong, the Lord is present, and the fun is never-ending.

Favorite Class: I love my Spanish classes.

Junior: Worship Arts
Hometown: Pataskala, OH

Why I chose Asbury: As soon as I set foot on Asbury’s campus, the people were so welcoming and kind that I didn’t even entertain the thought of another college. The campus just had a certain welcoming feeling about it that I didn’t feel anywhere else.

What I love about Asbury: I think my favorite thing about Asbury is the people. You can’t meet many people here without becoming friends with them almost automatically.

My favorite class: My favorite class right now is Worship Arts Leadership.

Fun fact: A good fun fact about me is that I am deathly afraid of mice.



Sophomore: Media Communications
Hometown: Seattle WA

Why I chose Asbury: I was attending community college, planning to transfer to a university in my hometown of Seattle WA, when my mom discovered Asbury. She had been shredding old college mailers, and the pamphlet from Asbury wouldn't fit through the shredder! The word "Transform" caught her eye, and she brought the pamphlet to me. It was amazing; this little private school in Kentucky seemed to have everything I'd been praying for in a university. I applied, and had a great experience with the admissions department, particularly Jackie Neal. A visit in March just confirmed it. Asbury is where I am meant to be. God's hand was definitely on that experience, and I can't wait to see what else He has planned!

What I love about Asbury: It's a common answer among Asbury students, but I love the community here. No matter if you're a freshman or transfer, the school will put you into a TAG (Transition and Guidance) Group to help you adjust to your first semester away. We're all encouraged to get to know our chapel buddies, suitemates, graduating classmates, and even our professors. Even though I'm 2,500 miles away from home, I never have to worry about being alone for a break or long weekend. People here are so willing to heap southern hospitality and God's love onto anyone who needs it.

My favorite class: My favorite classes are some of my Comm/Arts classes. I just love being in the Miller Center.

Senior: Accounting
Hometown: Shallowater, TX

Why I chose Asbury: My parents both graduated from Asbury and when I visited for their class reunion, I fell in love with the school. Asbury has been a prefect fit for me!

What I love about Asbury: I absolutely love the community at Asbury. I have made amazing friends that I know will last a life time. I also love how faith is such a central part of Asbury. I know that all of my teachers work to combine faith and learning.

My favorite class: My favorite class is Cost Accounting



Junior: Media Communications
Hometown: Shippenville, PA

Why I chose Asbury: Dr. Owens from the Comm/Arts goes to the same church camps as I do and Asbury seemed like a really good school so I came.

What I love about Asbury: I love that campus is in a small town, but Lexington is not far so you get the best of both worlds. I also love the people and professors.

My favorite class: All the media communications classes.

Sophomore: Media Communications
Hometown: Port St. Lucie, FL

Why I chose Asbury: My high school French teacher graduated from Asbury and convinced me to apply at the start of my senior year. I decided to apply and after getting accepted came from for Fall Access weekend where I fell in love with the atmosphere, people, and campus itself. At that moment I knew this was exactly where God wanted me to be!

What I love about Asbury: Besides the amazing education I’m receiving at Asbury, I absolutely love the sense of community and how passionate everyone is for God. Everyone on campus is so genuine and although I’ve only been here a short period I know that the friendships I’ve made are going to last forever.

My favorite class: Media & Society



Freshman: Engineering Mathematics
Hometown: Cincinnati, OH

Why I chose Asbury:I chose Asbury because I stayed on campus several times during high school and I really loved the community. I also loved the wholesome environment. And of course, God made sure it was financially possible for me to be here.

What I love about Asbury: The community here is so strong, everyone is nice and friendly to everyone. Being on campus has quickly become where I am most comfortable, and I owe that to God, through my friends.

My favorite class: My favorite class is calculus, because it's like a complicated puzzle and I have to find the answer to.

Sophomore: Journalism
Hometown: Shepherdsville, KY

Why I chose Asbury: My senior year of high school, I was bombarded with mail from different colleges. All of the letters I received looked more or less the same—except for what I got from Asbury. I opened the envelope expecting another brochure featuring photos of smiling twenty-something's, when suddenly, a three-dimensional box with Asbury’s info on it popped out! The time that Asbury put into even the small things like what they mailed to prospective students impressed and delighted me. I saw that Asbury was a different kind of school—one that encourages creativity and thinking outside the box. I visited campus, felt God’s presence here, and felt at home. Ever since that first visit, I knew Asbury was the school for me.

What I love about Asbury: I love so many things about Asbury, but there are two things that stand out among the rest. The first is the sense of Christian community here. Three times a week, the entire campus gathers together at Hughes Auditorium to worship our Lord and Savior. Asbury strives to foster community among the students be that through Chapel services, activities, or by providing places for students to just hang out—for this I am extremely grateful. The second thing I love most about Asbury is the love and devotion that the University’s faculty and staff have for the students. Each professor I’ve had truly has a servant’s heart. They are willing to work with you and prayerfully guide you through any struggles you might face.

My favorite class: My passion is writing, so my favorite classes are usually any of the Creative Writing classes that I get to take for my minor.



Junior: Media Communications
Hometown: Frankfort, KY

Why I chose Asbury: I chose Asbury because it had the department I wanted to study in. I also wanted to play tennis and I had an opportunity to play tennis her at Asbury. When I visited campus and saw the school, I realized it was a place like no other. I fell in love with the people as well as the heart of Asbury.

What I love about Asbury: I love the people. Without so many fantastic professors and friends, this university would not be the same.

Fun Fact: A fun fact is that I am a singer song writer