What Is It?


Jenelle McClean 2
VENICE, ITALY (contributed by Jenelle McClean)


The mission/purpose of the Cross-Cultural Experience is to strengthen students’ abilities to interact with the world community, to expand their worldview, and to increase their cultural sensitivity, with the ultimate goals of a broadened awareness as to how they might fit into God’s plan of redemption in other cultures, and develop competency to effectively serve Christ in a global society.

Basic Description:

A Cross-Cultural Experience is definied as an immersion into another culture, engaging the student in a variety of life-spheres (family, education, religion, art, media, economics, government).  Most experiences will expose the student to cultural dynamics outside of the United States.  The experience must satisfy one of the options listed on the following page and must be of sufficient length and intensity to have an adequate impact upon the worldview of the participant.

Cross-Cultural Experience Policy:

All students admitted to Asbury University beginning in the FALL of 2007 (including transfer students with less than sixty hours of credit at the time of matriculation) will be required to satisfy the Cross-Cultural Experience.  A student's diploma will not be issued until this Experience is completed.