What Do I Need To Do?

STEP ONEStop.  Look.  Listen

Wadi Rum Desert
Wadi Rum Desert, Jordan (submitted by Sarah Finehout)
  • STOP:    
    • Read the Cross-Cultural Experience Policy, taking note that the options available must be approved, and a minimum of six continuous nights in context is required.
  • LOOK:    
  • LISTEN: 
    • Tune in to others who have gone or are going on trips, to chapel speakers, to missionary guests.

STEP TWOAsk.  Seek.  Knock.

STEP THREEAssessment.  Paper.  Passport.

    • Complete an online Pre-Experience Assessment before you leave for your experience.  You will be sent a link for this assessment by the CCE Office.
    • Complete an online Post-Experience Assessment and Experience Evaluation after you return from your experience.  You will be sent a link for these assessments by the CCE Office.
  • PAPER:        
    • A Reflection Paper is due within 30 days from the return of your trip.  The paper must be four pages in length, double-spaced, 12 pt font.