Swim Team to Help with Tornado Recovery

The men and women of Asbury University’s swim teams start the school year with service on their minds as they plan to travel to Joplin, Mo., over the Christmas break.

While in Joplin, the teams will practice at a local school’s aquatic center between service projects to help the community recover from a tornado that devastated the town late last spring.

“The tornado was an enormous natural disaster in a place without a lot of economic opportunities, and we were drawn by the huge amount of need,” Asbury Swimming Coach Alex Keyser said.

Asbury’s athletic leaders are still working out the details for the types of service projects the students might work on, but there is no shortage of opportunities. This week in Joplin, students began a new school year as scheduled as a sign of the town’s commitment to recover and rebuild — even though the high school is meeting in a vacant department store because of the damage the high school facilities suffered in the tornado.

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