Complete Financial Aid Application Process

We know that trying to finance higher education may seem like a daunting task, but the Financial Aid Office is here to help you. At Asbury University we want to partner with you in funding your education. It is most advantageous to think of funding your education as a partnership between: 

Monthly Billing

Monthly bills are provided electronically through the Asbury University Online Services Portal. Students may access their monthly bills by selecting the Student Account option within the Online Services Portal.

Student Account Charges Posted

Student account charges are officially posted after the official drop/add deadline for the semester. You may view your charges online through the Asbury University Online Services Portal. Students should be aware that changes made to course registration may result in changes to your Student Account information. Students should also be aware that any charges posted to your account after the drop/add deadline may result in changes to your Student Account information.

Monitor Your Student Account

It is important that students regularly monitor their Student Account. Students can access Student Accounts information online through the Asbury University Online Services Portal. Your Student Accounts Pathway to Success requires staying informed about the financial obligations of your education.

Student Accounts Pathway Tip!


After course registration is completed, students will receive a soft billing statement which will outline the charges placed on their student accounts. This statement will provide information about a student’s next steps for meeting the financial obligations for the semester.

Complete Financial Registration

After students have registered for courses, they should complete Financial Registration through the Asbury University Online Services Portal. Here you will register your vehicle (Note: Vehicle registration applies to Wilmore, KY campus-based students only and does not apply to students enrolled in online programs) and have access to your Online “Fact Sheet”. Your Fact Sheet outlines your upcoming student account charges prior to the official drop/add deadline for the semester.


Through the MyBusiness Portal, students gain access to the tools needed for managing their finances with Asbury University. Your MyBusiness account gives you access to the following features:

Complete Student Accounts Packet

Welcome to Asbury University! Students who have been admitted to the University and who have completed course registration will receive by mail a Student Accounts Information Packet. This packet includes information about the important steps that you will need to take prior to the start of your semester related to your Student Account. It is important that students respond in a timely manner to the information that is covered in this packet.

Library Services

Asbury University Library Services

The Asbury University Kinlaw Library exists to support the curricular needs of all students and faculty. Using a robust technology infrastructure, the Library provides equitable, on-time services to all residential, distance and online students.

CEUs for Social Work

The School of Graduate and Professional Studies and the Social Work program partner with other institutions and organizations to offer continuing education and professional development opportunities. A wide range of technology tools and resources allow for multiple forms of delivery including web-conferencing, webinars, distance learning, and on-campus. If you are interested in partnering with the School of GPS to deliver CEU or PD experiences please contact us.

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