2014 Reunion Gift Project

Asbury University – 2014 Reunion Class Gift
Technology Upgrades for Hughes Auditorium

Since the morning students first pulled open the doors in 1929, Asbury alumni have held one thing in common: Chapel in Hughes Auditorium. Worshiping together as a campus community is part of what makes Asbury, Asbury.


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To ensure the Chapel experience reflects the commitment to excellence that guides Asbury’s academic programs, the 2014 Reunion Project will help fund technology upgrades to Hughes Auditorium. Imagine, if you will, a missionary on the field sharing directly with the students in Chapel. In turn, the campus chaplain says to the missionary, “May we pray with you?”, and the missionary sees more than 1,400 students bow their heads, praying for the missionary’s work in the field. A deep engagement in the worship experience both locally and globally becomes an every-day possibility for the students in Hughes, and a new opportunity arises for alumni and friends to view a video podcast of Chapel services.
The enhancements will include:

·     Upgraded stage and auditorium lighting to provide more flexibility and improve broadcast quality.

·     Upgraded sound equipment to improve sound mixing capability on site and for broadcast.

·     Upgraded camera equipment to permit digital recording of events in the auditorium.

·     Upgraded projection capability to enable HD-quality video and projection in the auditorium.

·     Upgraded technology to allow for live-stream speakers from other locations.  

As usual, the Reunion gift is “over and above” giving, but as Reunion Gift Chair Valerie Parr ’79 Hill says, “Where better to invest extra dollars than in the Chapel experience of Hughes… the room where countless lives have been touched for eternity?”
The 2014 Reunion Class Gift goal is $250,000. Multi-year pledges are an option with gifts due by Dec. 31, 2015.


Class Gift Chairs are listed below.

Consecrated Class Gabe Molnar ’09
Agape Class  Clayton Wesley ’04
Seeker Class David Turley ’99 & Tim Campbell ’99
Challenger Class Steve Behnke ’94
Overcomer Class  Michael Couvion ‘89
Herald Class Jane Cooper ’84 Van Tatenhove
Crusader Class Lainey Shell ’79 White & Monte Wood ’79
Patriot Class  Billy Glover ’74
Knight Class    Christine Holz ’69 Goodier
Viking Class    Phillip Stine ’64
Chevalier Class    Emerson Gilbert ’59
Olympian Class    Dorothy Barbo ’54
Bulldog Class    Tom Ditto ’49
Tiger Class & Golden Grads    Jack Key ’44

Students today are being trained to engage and impact their world for Christ. Thank you in advance for your support of this worthwhile project.  
For additional information or to receive a pledge form: call Carolyn Ridley ’81, 859-858-3511, x2105, or email alumni@asbury.edu.  To make a secure donation online, click here.