Joshua Overbay

Assistant Professor

Raised in a slightly nomadic lifestyle, Joshua Overbay found his direction through film.  As a young child, he was captivated not only by the larger-than-life screen, but by the storytelling and relatable characters.  He eventually went on to pursue his MFA in Directing for Cinema-Television.

Overbay has directed 15 films and won 23 cinema awards. His film, "Transposition", was a National Finalist for the Student Academy Awards. He is a co-partner at Tracking Shot Productions, and is currently in pre-production on the feature film "In the Blood".

Along with his wife, Ginny, and his young daughter, Annabelle, Joshua enjoys his new life in Kentucky. He can be found on Saturdays from September to December watching college football. He is an avid fan of international and American cinema and tries to watch a new film twice a week.

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