Programs within the Howard Dayton School of Business 

Dr. Michael Kane, Dean

Throughout its history Asbury University has prepared men and women to be thoughtful, literate, productive, and spiritually healthy citizens who engage society through a host of professional, civic, and family endeavors.  The faculty of the Howard Dayton School of Business offer an array of courses and programs that build on a liberal arts foundation and offer pathways to enlightened, responsible involvement in the international arenas of commerce, government, and both for-profit and non-profit organizations.

Currently the School offers residential undergraduate students majors in Business, Accounting, and Sport Management, as well as minors in Business, Accounting, Sport Management, and Economics.  The Department offers non-traditional, degree completion programs in Business (online) and Ministry Management (a special APS program with Asbury’s Christian Studies and Philosophy Department and the Salvation Army’s Northeast Territory).



The programs in Business Management and Accounting at Asbury University provide an opportunity to study the principles of effective business management from the standpoint of the Christian world view. The philosophy of Christian liberal arts education with its breadth of perspective and biblical view of truth is reflected in a distinctly Christian approach to the study of business management. The program makes the biblical principle of stewardship and Christian standards of ethics an integral part of the acquisition of technical knowledge and of the pursuit of excellence in professional skills.

1. The business curriculum includes courses in the functional areas of management, finance, human relations, economics, marketing and courses in the information processing and the quantitative analysis areas of accounting, computer programming and data processing, statistical methods, and management science and operations research.

2. The School strives to incorporate free market economic concepts and ethical concepts throughout our course offerings.

3. Some of the career opportunities for students of business management include positions with accounting firms; positions with such financial organizations as banks, brokerage firms, insurance companies, and savings and loan associations; positions with all types of industrial and commercial organizations; positions in religious organizations as staff accountants, controllers, treasurers, and in various administrative posts; and positions in government and other not-for-profit organizations such as welfare agencies and hospitals.

4. Asbury requires 124 semester hours for a bachelor's degree. Students interested in an accounting major should be aware that in many states, the Society of Certified Public Accountants requires 150 credit hours to sit for the CPA exam.  Our recommendation is that the student complete the undergraduate accounting major from Asbury and obtain the additional hours needed to sit for the CPA exam in a graduate program such as an MBA or Master of Accountancy.  In some cases, students are able to obtain the 150 hours while at Asbury through higher placements in foreign language, summer programs, internships, or some combination of these opportunities.

5. The course of study in business management pursued in the Christian environment of Asbury University offers young people an education which will enhance and enrich their personal lives and prepare them for Christian service to society, for effective performance in their profession, and success in advanced study at the graduate level.



The school offers students a minor in Economics by completion of 21 credit hours. Economics is an extension of moral philosophy that examines proper tools for use in allocating scarce resources and making decisions using cost-benefit analysis that encompasses all stakeholders involved in the process.  The courses offered emphasize the institutional aspects of a civil society that attempts to maximize payouts and the welfare of its citizens. The courses integrate aspects of other disciplines, thus providing students a comprehensive and holistic approach to the current issues that societies face. The biblical foundations of stewardship, efficiency, and justice are integrated into the most cutting-edge theories and applications in order to equip students with the best possible tools that will enable them to understand causes and not treat the symptoms of the problems arising in the marketplace. Those tools apply from micro decisions such as pricing and distribution, to macro-dynamics of inflation, business cycles, and unemployment, and from financial crises to international trade, budget deficits and international currency exchanges & finance.  Recent events demonstrate how those interlinked crises can affect our personal, community, and institutional lives. The students who successfully complete the series of the recommended courses will have a very good understanding of how markets work and what they need to do as Christian citizens in an economy where we capture all thoughts and making them obedient to Christ and his kingdom.  


SPORT MANAGEMENT is designed to provide the opportunity to develop expertise in business management with an orientation toward the world of sport.  People given the opportunity for responsibility in the management of sport programs and facilities must become familiar with the various aspects of sport activities in addition to becoming professional business leaders.  The major addresses the emphasis on Christian service in the growing area of world sport business.  Opportunities for employment would include a variety of sport organizations involving management, marketing, promotion, and fund raising.



The Howard Dayton School of Business also offers a major in Business through the Adult Professional Studies (APS) program at Asbury University. The APS program is a non-traditional accelerated program designed to provide adults with an opportunity to complete a university degree and earn a Bachelor of Science degree in Business.

The APS Program is designed for busy adults who already have college credit. In this accelerated format adult students take courses online in 8-week modules. This format provides the opportunity to complete a degree in about two years. This program is designed to bring a new level of management skills and increased ethical values to those desiring to make a difference in their work, church and world.


For more information on the APS Program, see the APS Program website.



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