Josh Smith

Assistant Professor
MC 219
(859) 858-3511 ext. 2249


Prof. Smith has worked as a graphic designer, photographer and printmaker in Los Angeles, Chicago, Minneapolis and Boulder, with clients such as Target, American Apparel, Orange County Museum of Art, and Urban Outfitters. In 2000, he was an Artist-in-Residence in Dharamsala, India.

In a recent exhibition, HELLo tHERE, he presented binary (code) as a metaphor for a dualistic life: mind/body, zero/one, open/closed. Thru the use of handwritten code and encrypted messages, the work points to a third element: a unifying and mystical space in between, through which true communication is possible.

Prof. Smith has studied at Werkplaats Typeografie, earned his MFA from the University of Kentucky and completed a BA in Art from Wheaton College. He and his wife Margaret have two girls and a dog.


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