Mrs. Karen Koehn – “Purpose in the Spirit”

October 21, 2013

“Paul purposed in the Spirit to go to Jerusalem.” -- Acts 19:21b

We need new men and women of God today. 

We need people whose hearts are fully His; people willing to let God search them and cleanse their hearts to the depths of their unconscious minds, removing hindrances to His love flowing through them like rivers of living water; people willing to follow Him, to deny themselves daily in big or trivial issues; people willing to own responsibility for themselves, their responses, and their choices; people willing to keep trusting Him through pain or disappointment or profound, unanswerable questions; people willing to make themselves of no reputation so that He can be seen; people in love with Jesus. 

It is then, with hearts and lives fully His, that we can work together with His life-giving Spirit …purposing together with Him, as we fulfill our calling.  What an amazing privilege – actually working together as a co-laborer with the Spirit of Jesus Christ to accomplish His mission on earth.

We need new men and women of God today.


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